Jun 18, 2019

Tuesday: Served Wet and Dry.

I'm one of those people who still has blind faith in the accuracy of the Weather App on iPhones. So much faith that despite the ominous rain-bearing clouds hovering above, I headed out for the day dressed for clear skies and a crisp 12C.

There's a lot to be said for reading the tea leaves.  Or rather, the clouds because it rained the entire 59 minutes of my run. That kind of drenching rain that clings to park benches, hair, socks, running shoes.... you name it.  But at least it kept me nice and cool through the hill climbs.

The water was a patchwork of greys, teals and blacks.  I've never seen the bay look so dreary.

Drowned rat me was very grateful to past me for having that towel and spare top in the car.

It was good just sitting in the car for a good few minutes after my run - kind of dry and well away from the driving rain.  Regardless of the view ahead being only that of the neighbourhood bins.  It was absolute bliss being in dry clothes, socks and shoes for the rest of the day.  It's obvious, isn't it, that I'm just never going to be a camping kind of person.

Nike Flex RN 2018 Women's Running Shoe - Black
via nike.com
Speaking of dry socks and shoes, aren't Nike's Free Runs the best?  They just seem to mould to your feet over time and it's like I'm walking around in bare feet when I wear them.  They're so light and flexible.

I took my dry feet to the hairdresser and emerged with lovely new hair

before crossing the road for my favourite lunch from Bare Naked Bowls. In a bowl, of course.  There was a malfunction with their rice cooker so I got the low carb version of my order.  

Image result for trader joe's chocolate truffle bar
via amazon.com

Naturally, I had to compensate with some chocolate from my Trader Joe's stash.  Sadly, despite being able to access this photo of my chocolate from amazon.com - I can't order it from them from Australia.  Boo.

Last topic of discussion for today.  Uniqlo Cashmere.  It's a much-loved component of my winter wardrobe.  I find the quality much better than their extra fine merino sweaters which seem to develop random holes after a few months.  Anyway. Back to the cashmere sweaters. They're currently on sale for $99.90 each, down from $129.90.  I splashed out with colour this year's sweaters. 

How are you travelling this second last week of term?

Jun 17, 2019

Life This Week 17/6/2019: Winter Is Setting In.

I'm reporting from the great indoors today.  After a dream like stretch of gloriously sunny days, we've hit the rain hard in Sydney today.

The heater's on.  Yes, this is a heater.  Not a flat screen on wheels.  Glass panelled room heaters are at the cutting edge of technology right now.  I scored this one from Woolworths for $72.  So far I'm loving the fact that it's got an old fashioned safety on/off switch so you know it's definitely turned off, the fact that it's virtually mute in operation and that it warms up large rooms very quickly.  The digital display is a bonus as is the remote control.

In contrast to the skies above, colour abounds at Westfield.  This is a flower arrangement I happened upon in my weekend travels between the food court, the supermarket and all the other places I needed to be to get my errands done.

The skies might be moody and just a touch scary but I still love that pre-sunrise feel of being outdoors on the weekend.

There's been an awful lot of cooking going on as well.

Winter is even more busy than usual for me at work so I rely heavily on reheating meals I've made ahead for those chaotic and time-pressed work and school nights.

Soups are always a hit.  Did you know that Maggie Beer has a range of stocks at Woolworths?  They're really good.  Not too salty yet richly flavoured.  In addition to chicken, there's beef and vegetable varieties. Expect to pay $5 for 500ml.

In work lunch meal prep news, I've branched out with pasta bakes.  There's a huge comfort factor in having pasta with melted cheese in this current weather.

There are heaps of recipes online which substitute half the pasta for things like roasted cauliflower.   The recipe I made this weekend has a Morrocan taste to it.

It wouldn't be a pottering around post without at least one reference to Daiso.  I managed to lose the gloves I wear to go running in the morning and wouldn't you know it?  Daiso had these Thinsulate gloves for $5.80 per pair.  I have no idea what Thinsulate is but it sounds like it's just what I need for these wintery mornings.

How are you coping with winter?  Early days yet but I hope you've got coping strategies in place.

Be well.

Jun 14, 2019

And Breathe.....

And exhale.....  it has been quite a week.  Confronting situations, challenging people, disruptions and distractions. 

But I'm here.  Survived it all.  Not sure if I've thrived but I think hindsight will help clarify that.

In the meantime, isn't our world a beautiful place?

Master SSG's class teacher sent this photo to all the class parents this afternoon.  It's a photo the school drone took from the olive grove out the front of their classroom.  The olive grove itself is decked out in wind chimes and rain gauges they've made in class.  It's been endlessly fascinating going along for the ride that is Master SSG's learning experience in Year 1 this year.

These technicoloured sunsets make the fact that it's pitch black outside by 5pm bearable.

There's been much to love about this challenging week at ground level too.  I had an amazing run on Tuesday and got to see a film crew set up as I did so.

There were rainbows ...via school readers.

There was that memory filled scent of fresh Lemon Crisp biscuits nestled in a recycled Moccona jar.

I've spent a lot of time with my foam roller attacking all those muscles I love a bit too much when I go running and I've done lots of deep breathing.

And I got to see a little more Year 1 art on display at school.

So many moments of joy in amongst the relatively few challenges.  Funny how it's taken longer to gather and reflect upon these good things while remembering (and silently fuming) about the annoyances happened almost instantly....

How's your week been?

Jun 13, 2019

Lovin' Life 13/6/2019: Unconventional Sandwiches.

This week, I'm loving unconventional sandwiches.  It's getting colder and darker which for me spells the need for more processed carbs and other things that aren't terribly good for you.  But they do make you feel better after a day spent out and about in the cold and rain. 

I'm loving the sandwich format because there's something especially comforting about holding them and sinking your teeth through layers of bread (or biscuit) and then into a decadent filling of some sort.  I'm usually a salad or low carb meal prep kind of girl for lunch so sandwiches are practically decadent for me.

Sandwich number one.  Toasted brioche with pork floss and loads of butter.

Curious?  Let me try and explain.  Pork floss is a kind of sweet yet salty fried meat.  It looks fluffy coming out of the container and tastes so but also with a bit of crunch.  Some versions have sesame seeds or seaweed added to them and the floss is also made from fish.  It might look familiar from the toppings you might find on buns at Hong Kong styled bakeries.

This is what the container of mine looks like.  Wouldn't you know it, the brands gone all Krispy Kreme with its Krispee Frostee branding.  But trust me, this really is pork floss.

Ugh.  Perhaps I shouldn't have read the ingredient list too closely but at least pork is the first one listed.

The second pseudo sandwich up for discussion this week is the good old cookie ice cream sandwich.  It's been a dessert hack I've seen in lots of food magazines and it really is as easy to assemble as the articles suggest.  I microwaved some fancy supermarket cookies for 20 seconds and then sandwiched them together with some slightly softened vanilla ice cream.  No more needs to be said.  These are GOOD!!

How are your taste buds adapting to winter?  Are yours seeking carbs and comfort like mine are?

Do you love pork or fish floss too?  

Jun 10, 2019

Life This Week 10/6/2019: Barangaroo.

Here's to public holiday Mondays!  I've woken up to nothing but the birds chirping, the kettle being put on and the occasional chatter of the early morning walkers from behind the back gate.

On Sunday, Master SSG and I took advantage of the sun and $2.70 all day public transport.  We started off in Walsh Bay which holds many fond memories for me because it was one of the first places I got to know in Sydney.

There are some beautiful sculptures dotted along the wharf now.

The contrast of metal being used for art but also function along the wharf dovetails perfectly with how the area is now a centre for the arts with theatres and dance studies nestled in between the eateries and apartments.

Then we walked down the road to Barangaroo.  Sun, that skyline, footpaths and low walls just made for exploring.  Sydney, when you get it right, you really get it right.

We paused for a moment to watch a ferry and a paddle steamer on the water.

Before hitting the stairs.

It's so exciting seeing the new vision for the city unfold.  Beyond the park are construction sights with the hints of new skyscrapers confidently reaching upward.

But at ground level the limestone walls are an ever present reminder of the history of the local area.

Is there an area of your city that's undergoing a bit of a transformation at the moment? 


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