Jan 28, 2010

The iPad - does it have wings? Is it the Moses tablet?

Apple iPad: A Visual Tour

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Sigh...  With all the bad and questionable news of the past few weeks, the announcement of the iPad was just what I needed.  Definitely a want.  I have my iPhone and my macbook Pro.  Where would this fit?  Well, I could use it on the lounge and the large screen will be so much kinder on my eyes than the screen of my iPhone.  It would also travel rather well.

Still undecided about the name - it has connotations of feminine hygeine products. iLibra, iStayfree anyone?  These are strange times for womankind.  First People Skills Abbott delivers his verdict on virginity and it being a precious gift and now this.  Too much information and too much connotation.  I will leave it at that.

It's going to be a great day.  Bit drained from yesterday but will try and have a calmer day at work today, working on presentations and such.  I have the sneaking suspicion that I will be picking up extra after hours shifts as a colleague has taken unexpected family leave.  But hey, the money will come in handy.  For the iPad, perhaps.

Hope to find a pretty picture for the post when I get home.

Heh, heh.  Found this photo on the Mactalk Forum.  I think they have a point.  The iPad for me would be an around the house kind of appliance.  I'd take my iPhone out with me because of its size and camera.  The iPad could get mighty expensive once you factor in the fees for 3G connection with my beloved Helstra.  however, it would make a pretty groovy ebook reader.  If only the battery life and glare issues were sorted.

Lemming averted, I will not be queing on March 30 or 30 days later for the 3G.

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