Jan 30, 2010

I heart the weekend

I love the weekend!!!!!!  There's always a sense of adventure and freedom when I wake up (at the crack of dawn) on Saturday morning.  On non working weekends of course.  After a week of being stuck in the confines of a hospital - the food, the colours, the endless coridoors - the weekend spells escape and adventure.

Armed with coffee and the handbag d'jour, I'm off.  I'm still mucking around with my DSLR and new lenses.

Stop one (an iPhone photo, above).  The car wash - with free paper and carrot cake.  Somehow I always get conned to get an upgrade on the cleaning service yet it always takes half an hour.  Not complaining.  The as good as new car then gets driven home and I try to lower my carbon footprint by using public transport into the city for a bit of a stroll.  iPhone in tow as I listen to podcasts of the BBC interview.
I can't lie - no trip to the city is complete without a bit of retail therapy.  Today's haul was brought to you by the letter A - Autore and Aesop.  I have officially joined the pearl stud brigade.  Won't be opening until our anniversary, will post a photo then.  They are gorgeous.

I also love Aesop and their quirky shopping bag.  I'm being brave - for years I have been a slave to The Body Shop Africa Spa hand cream but it's time for change.


And then and afternoon of cooking.  Today I'm baking banana bread.  Hope it turns out.
Have to go to yoga now....

Later :-)


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