Jan 30, 2010

My baking skills have regressed, time to find hubris and hit the books.

Butter Cakes Recipe With Picture - Joyofbaking.com *Tested Recipe*

How disappointing. My latest cake failed. It sank and then didn't cook to the middle. Sigh. Double sigh. I have lost my baking mojo. As a kid it was so easy. I just found recipe from the old Womens Weekly's in dad's waiting room, put everything into mum's Kenwood and bingo, the cake worked. That Kenwood is an heirloom. Mum bought it when she first migrated to Perth with dad and its lasted her 3 adult children with only one service for a motor change.

Now, I'm in my marital home with my wedding gift Kitchenaid, special beaterblade off eBay and the aid of millions of recipes off the net. I am having a 60% success rate with my cakes. I've been converting US measurements to metric and sometimes using both US and metric (anything in cups and spoons is cool, except for butter) and ounces totally flummox me.

Humbled, I have turned to science and the instructions (when all else fails).

Practice, practice, practice.

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