Jan 31, 2010

Sunday morning and the living is easy.

There's something about waking up on a Sunday morning that's different.  The sun casts a different light on the world - no matter what the weather or season.  It's just a bit brighter and a bit more radiant on a Sunday.

Case in point, our front porch.  The lawn looks greener (but still in need of a mow), the pot plants a more vivid green and the distant flowers a deeper pink.
So, after luxuriating in the morning sun, R and I hit the road for a walk and my favourite (not) form of running - intervals.  I suck at intervals.  I am not built for speed and don't 'push' myself.  Isn't it enough that I am out running every day before work?  :-P  

As  a reward, after we returned home, I gave myself a pedicure on the porch whilst reading the Sunday paper and having a cup of tea.

Armed (or should that be footed) with my freshly painted pink nails, bring it on new working week!


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