Jan 24, 2010

Tadasana - evoking the stillness, strength and stability of the mountains.

I find it so hard to be still. Every waking moment seems to be accounted for in the endless pursuit of ‘getting it all done’. I love the journey but never quite spend enough time savouring the destination.
Case in point. I am in my final year of post graduate training. It was not an easy path for me. Failure seemed to litter my path and it has been slow but steady progress. Along the way immense joys that I could never have predicted also came my way. However, this journey is ending soon and again, it seems, I am looking for the next battle.

How easy it would be if it was just my future that I had to think of. I can no longer be selfish. I have my husband, we want to start a family, the financial implications of my career decisions fall in this context.
At times like this, stillness and contemplation are what I need.

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