Feb 12, 2010

Casual Friday. What I wore, What I did, What I ate.

It's Friday, it's casual, it's time to be a little different.  In this neither food nor fashion blog, I've embarked on a fashion post.  Yee ha, I hear you say.  I can't lie, it's not directional/vintage from a Parisian flea market/inspired by those Olsen twins/the Sartorialist but gee it was comfy.  

Blouse - CR, flared high waist jeans - TopShop (please come to Oz - stat), red cling backs - Tony Bianco, black bag - LV, black scarf - LV, red and silver cuff - Hermes, key - T and Co.  I have taken it upon myself to be a one woman crusade for Casual Friday in Hospitals.  I try to wear jeans every Friday.

Other things that tell me it's Friday.

The KikkiK takeaway binder gets an airing.  Tonight we go to the Indian section and choose a takeaway menu from the plastic pocket.  Then we dial the numbers, quote other numbers from the menu and read some numbers from a credit card.  Numbers - they get you so far in the modern age.  Except that we had the old menu for the restaurant so food numbers were a bit wrong but we got there in the end.

While that's arriving - I get started on my 'frame all our photos and actually display them' project.

With my macbook, iPhone and glass of bubbly on hand.

Dinner arrives!!!  Free pappadums... it's looking delicious already.

It was so good.  There was enough food for at least 3 meals.....  My weaknesses will always be naan, butter chicken and tandoori chicken.

I am now letting my meal digest as I sit on the carpet, watching The Kardashians and surfing the net.  Ahhhh - the weekend.


  1. Looks delicious! I have one of those Kikki K folders but for recipes! I love being organised! :D

  2. I am a big fan of Kikki K.

    Sigh - my stomach is not big enough when it comes to Indian takeaway. There is always more food than there appears.


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