Feb 14, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 Part 2. What a couple of 'orphans' got up to in Sydney's Chinatown.

What I wore: jeans - paige premium denim, Kate Moss T - topshop, red bag - chanel, I actually wore silver birkis instead of the flats.

Today I explored the Chinese New Year markets at Belmore Park in the city.  I think we were  spoiled last weekend at Bankstown because I wasn't that excited today in the city.  I think the weather spoilt it for many people.  There wasn't the same colour, food and sense of celebration as I felt last weekend.  I did like the red lanterns festooned amongst the trees though.

There were plant stalls, food stalls and some art too.  I love this panda umbrella.

VW were a major sponsor.  A very auspicious tiger VW.
I walked around a bit before heading into Chinatown proper.  It looked  like business as usual.  Perhaps a little quieter than usual.  Many were probably at home preparing for reunion dinners tonight.

But, I did find some interesting images after all.

I found this very 'western' style art gallery just outside the golden triangle of dim sum places.  Love the contrast of the artwork and the very pared down look of the gallery.

And again - just down the road at church.  I was late for the service but the red lantern and fire cracker decorations remind me of what I love so much about Sydney.  Cultures and traditions seem to coexist.

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