Feb 14, 2010

Chinese New Year 2010 Part 3. In which the 'orphans' cave and go out for Chinese on V Day!!

Around 5pm tonight, after I finished my laps at the pool, I made a decision.  We would go out for dinner after all.  Our local Chinese restaurant, for a 2 person reunion dinner.  R and I were both craving noodles, tofu and all those other dishes I can't cook.

So I wore - maxi dress - ICE (I love a cheap dress, it makes up for the bags), white bangle (super cheap bargain from Forever 21, KL), gladiators - Country Road (super cheap) and bag - LV.

Anyway, we were the only Chinese customers!  That's a feat in Sydney.

What we ate.  First, the menus.  I have been experimenting with my prime lens and it's super wide aperture.
My mocktail - Mauritian Lemonade.  Lychees and strawberries in lemonade.  Yummy - plus an extra wide straw to slurp up the fruit.

Entrees - pork san choy bow.

And 3 mains - szechuan beef, vegies and tofu and beef kuey teow.

Pretty good effort for 2 people.  Glad I did my laps before dinner.


  1. Cute outfit! :D I bet it tasted really good after the laps too!

  2. Lol at "orphans". That's what I like to refer to mr foodwink and I during the Christmas/NY period :)

    p/s: Lovely outfit by the way :)


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