Feb 4, 2010

Embracing the world of html and a domain of one's own.

At the tail end of a 15 hour shift - only an hour or so to go.  Woo hoo!!  In a perverse kind of way I am glad to be here.  Managed to get a fair bit of paperwork done, typed my clinic letters etc etc. I have also racked up a massive credit card bill which needs to be paid off.  Very  upset at this - I didn't even spend it on anything fun (much).

 As you can see, I've also been coming to grips with web page design and have done some major renos to my blog page.  Been browsing some pretty amazing blogs of late.  So many lives to follow and read about and be inspired by.

Oh I so want my own domain.  I have come this close to buying a new one too.  I bet I will cave this weekend.  The dilemma being - is girl an apropriate word to be in the domain of one who is married and planning to be in the motherly way rather soon?  Would it be mutton dressed as lamb?

Couldn't resist a Dolly the sheep photo, or rather people dressed as she and protesting for her... courtesy of Greenpeace.org.

Unfortunately, 3 yoga classes in a week have made me wildly optimistic about my shoulder stand capabilties.  I rashly decided to do some home practice and have bruised my neck muscles - what a technical description.  Have thus spent the day turning my whole body side to side to look at things.  I never realized how many times a day I turn my head.

Thank goodness it's Friday tomorrow.  I embrace  you with open arms.


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