Feb 10, 2010

Frugal February

We're 10 days into February?  Where has the time gone?

There's Ocsobre, Dry July, Feb Fast and now I present Frugal February.  The goal is to cut unecessary spending and find interests that don't involve going to the shops or browsing online, ie SHOPPING. 

It's amazing how most outings involve shopping.  Planned or impulse purchases, they all add up and cause both clutter and credit card anxiety.  I have been shocked into action by a massive credit card bill that was full of  'necessary' bills - insurance, registrations, academic subsriptions.  Not one fun item on the list, not one glamorously named shop, not one exotic foreign currency on the statement. 

It is kind of cheating to announce the plan nearly halfway into the shortest month of the year but I am determined.  This may trigger a life changing habit. 

My weakness is the weekend, my excuse to get out and shop explore.  To counter this:
  • I have enrolled in photography classes for a couple of weekends that will keep me out of trouble during tradiing hours
  • I'm shopping my own wardrobe
  • I've got a list of free things to do around the house - like declutter... this deserves a post all of its own
  • I have a convenient list of academic things to get out of the way, this will keep me in the house and I will feel productive if I get through it all
  • I will just blog!!
I will try not to make it a Materialistic March to compensate.

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