Feb 13, 2010

Getting crafty on a wet Saturday morning and paying homage to the Shopaholic.

There's something about a wet weekend morning that makes staying in a really good proposition.  Miraculously though, it was a clear morning so R and I hit the road for some hill running.  I think that was the only fine break of the day.  Then there were the usual household chores to be done.  We are now officially done for the weekend.  The house is sparkly clean in time for CNY.  According to my mother, no housework is to be done on the actual day.  Just got in before the deadline.

Officially, I am meant to be reading articles and starting project write ups - but I did hours yesterday!!  I'm giving myself a few hours off.

In aid of frugal Feb, I found myself a craft project.  Jazzing up my Ikea photo frames.  Ooohhh, this is channelling Rebecca Bloomwood like crazy.  That's right, Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic.  In the first book, Becky took up photo frame making at home to cover her debts.  Then her best friend Suze took over and turned it into a successful business.  To be honest, the first book of the series was my favourite, the others somehow didn't quite cut it.

The frame in question before the makeover.

Found some plastic buttons and scrapbooking accessories at the local $2 shop.  Oh and the ubiquitous coffee.  Cannot.  Function.  Without.  Coffee.

I even put down newspaper before embarking on the big project.  And behold, the finished product - the theme was colour - cupcakes and buttons.

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