Feb 19, 2010

Grrrr for grouchy. Hrrrrr for hormones. There ain't enough alcochol in moscato.

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Ever had one of those days?  I've just got home from the day from hell.  Complicated patients and then The Call at 4pm.  The one where I get the call telling me that I have to cover yet another person next week.  Which basically means I have three jobs to cover next week.  Being totally objective - work was being reasonable in a bad situation.  But  after a long day, it just set me off.

I eventually got home - there's something about driving home in bad traffic in a bad mood.  Yep.  Every little dodgy lane merge set me off on another hair tearing, swearing frenzy.  Defintely a prime example of hormonal behaviour.

Got home and tore around like a mad woman convinced that I had to 'do everything' before 'the weekend' or else 'it will never get done'.  I was teary, I was angry, I was just pissed off.  I am so ashamed of how I took out all my frustration on R and what is usually the sanctuary of our house.

In R's words, I just wind myself up over not much at all.  Which is true.  I cruise along calmly with life for weeks on end and then bang - I get in touch with my emotions and have a hissy fit.  I boil over after a couple of hours and then carry on as if nothing happened at all.  R is more even tempered which is probably just as well.

A few hours later, I can laugh about it.   I've had a hot shower, a home cooked meal, a big hug and a stern reality check from R.

Which is just as well because a weekend off work is too good to be wasted on being grouchy and feeling screwed over by work.  I have a photography course this weekend.  Can't wait.

Next time I get the grizzlies, I wil resist the urge to take it out on people and things that have nothing do with why I'm upset and try doing yoga instead.   Head stands specifically.  They are meant to be very good for the mood and help clear the mind my improving circulation to the head, neck, thyroid and other glands.

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