Feb 22, 2010

I heart The NY Times.

Image courtesy of www.sewnews.com

There are so many great things about the internet.  To me, one of the greatest gifts is has offered me is the chance to go online and read newspapers from around the world.  One of my favourite newspapers is The New York Times.  I find their photography and standard of journalism arresting.  I think its a newspaper that really does have it's finger on the pulse of New York but at the same time covering the bigger issues affecting Americans.  I'm such a fan I even have the iPhone app.

It is a fascinating insight for non (and wannabe, that's me) Americans into the United States beyond the carefully (and sometimes artlessly) crafted 'bigger, glossier, better, faster' facade of American life that is presented to us in the mass media.  I like the paper's portrayal of  'real Americans' as opposed to 'reality (TV)  Americans'.

I especially love the human interest stories and photo essays.  During the worst of the GFC, there were stories about everday Americans and their struggles that brought tears to my eyes.  Somehow, the NY Times narrates American life in calm, thoughtful, measured prose - even in times of high drama and emotion.  A different school of journalism to the personalities of Fox News (my right wing guilty pleasure).

My favourite story from today is this .  It's the story of Freda Rosenfeld, a Jewish, yoga loving, vegetarian lactation consultant and her journey across New York helping new mothers.  It's a heart warming story and Freda sounds both down to earth and very skilled at what she does.

I want to be as wise yet 'real' in my profession and also to be that comfortable in my skin when I'm in my 50s. 

All this talk of NYC.  It's making me want to get back there as soon as I can.


  1. I heart the NYT too. Read it every morning and I love the pictures too. :)

  2. Good to hear, Christine!

    Sigh. I seem to be full of sombre posts at the moment.

    I have one more to get out of my system and then I think I'm done :-) Sombre posts that is. I suppose it's good to be writing in a variety of moods on my blog.

  3. I couldnt agree more about the internet and access to to fab worldwide newspapers and awesome photography!
    I have just discovered your blog and am now an official follower!


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