Feb 10, 2010

A moment of cluckiness shared, the launch of baby GAP premium denim.

The scene: a weekday evening.  A couple are getting over a long day by doing the things couples do at home - surfing the net whilst watching the cricket and a DVD - The Hangover (best roadtrip movie ever).

SSG: (browsing the internet and squealing)  This is so cute...  Gap has baby denim.  Aren't they adorable.
Images courtesy of www.gap.com

R: (not really looking)  Yeah

SSG: Are you really looking?

R: Yeah - the kids or the clothes?

SSG: When we have a baby can we go back to New York and go to Gap?

R: No.

SSG: Why not.  These are adorable.  (pausing for effect and repeating after all 8 items on the new GAP range)


Images courtesy of http://www.gap.com/
R:  Why do babies need jeans?  They only poop all over things and they don't know the difference.  Anyway, the deal was, we go back to the US when the exchange rate is 1 to 1. 

SSG:  They are so cute.

R:  Yeah, I suppose.  Okay, only one item per birthday.

SSG: But where will we get all their other clothes?

R: Target, Cotton On and hand me downs.  (attention back to TV)  Can I have my laptop back - I need to check the cricket scores.

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