Feb 8, 2010

My all time guiltiest junk food memory and paying homage to the spirit of Norm.

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It's been one very long day.  I am celebrating surviving it by channelling Norm of the 'Life.  Be in it.' campaign.  For my non local readers, this was a campaign that started in the 70s (the year of my birth, to be exact) to encourage Australians to get fit and exercise more.

Going to collapse onto the lounge with snack foods (curry puffs with salad on the side plus pineapple, does that count) for dinner and watch The Super Bowl.  And blog on my macbook.  And facebook on my iPhone.

I know, I know, I'm Australian but it's such a quintessentially male thing to do I just have to do it, I'm feeling bloky.  This time last year, we were in Aspen watching the game and getting caught up in the media frenzy.  Even the expatriate Australian community in Aspen were getting into the spirit.  There is something surreal about sharing American fried chicken wings with blue cheese sauce washed down with American beers with other Australians.  Ooops, I think I might just be reliving my all time guiltiest junk food memory.

So anyway, back to Norm.  Life.  Be in it.  I'll be back in tomorrow at work ready for more high drama.


  1. I didn't realise the SuperBowl was such a big thing in Oz.

  2. Heh heh, it's not but we love watching any huge sporting event. Really happy that New Orleans won. Sweet justice there.


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