Feb 23, 2010

Velcro is not the hallmark of a polished shoe.

In the words of Faux Fuchsia - this would be called a bow arrangement at the neck.
Very useful tip for dragging a T shirt from Target up to the ranks of polished work wear.  Though the effect was ruined later by my biro drawing itself all over the front of my top.

There were bonus brownie points to be had in the dragging up in the ranks stakes - my hair was pinned back into a low bun.  Minus points for very comfy ecco sandals with velcro ankle strap.  Velcro is not the hallmark of a polished shoe.  With all this plussing and minusing, I am not really sure where I stood with the fashion police by the end of the day.

I love this scarf.  It's the Ceres scarf.  Ceres is the goddess of agriculture, grain and the love a mother bears for her child.  I got it off Ebay which makes it vintage.  It was a bargain buy but has signs of wear.  My local drycleaners (who treat me like a daughter, knocking off a few dollars here and there each time I turn up with random sections of my wardrobe) even dry cleaned it twice for me when I first got it because it looked so old.

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