Feb 19, 2010

My new M cups.

Because it's Friday and saucy double entendres are always good for a Friday.  Hope you haven't aspirated coffee or tea all over your keyboard.

I am, of course, referring to these babies.

Aren't you relieved that wasn't leading to photos involving me trying to take photos of my top half?

The babushka measuring cups.  I saw them at the shops on Thursday and had to have them.  They are cuter than Nigella's measuring cups - which I also need to have.  Does anyone have any ideas where they may be sold?

The best thing about the cups is that they have those inbetween measurements so often featured in recipes - like the 3/4 cup.  I usually cast a generous eye of the ingredients scooped into my 1 cup measure to get 3/4 or 2/3 - with varying degrees of accuracy.
And some shots of the dolls in action.  Sounds like a photo spread for The Pussycat Dolls.  Sorry, no flesh flashing here....

Where would an action shoot be without chocolate?  New supplies for my work lunches.

I couldn't resist the gratuitous H reference on the right.  It's my Zabavushka scarf and I love it.  It's such a Friday scarf - black and white with splashes of colour.  It says 'wear me with blue jeans on a Friday to work because ....... I Am Me, Dahhhhhlllllllinnnggggkkkk' - in a very sexy Russian accent.

Disclaimer:  the above purchase does not count as breach of Frugal February.  I paid in cash, they are so cute and I don't already own nesting doll measuring cups.  Measuring cups yes, but not nesting doll measuring cups in useful cup measures.  There is a difference, R.


  1. A friend of mine has those measuring cups!! http://mel365ish.blogspot.com/2010/01/day-136-presents-yay.html They were bought for her by this blogger - http://siany365.blogspot.com/ Let us know if you find them - they are super hot.

  2. Sorry - just read the post properly and saw that you actually have them! Where did you buy?

  3. Hello Miss Kitty-Cat
    I bought them at the kitchenware floor store in Rhodes. I only call it this because it's not actually a shop, it's a bit of floor space next to the escalators.

    They have lost of other cool stuff. I am interested in buying this set of choppng boards that sit in their own holder and are colour coded for what you plan to cut on them. Might have to look at Peters too.

  4. I have those boards. They are FAB. I bought them at Woolies but I haven't seen them since. Thanks for letting me know where you got the cups. They are too cute for words. Mine need replacing so I might just have to invest... By the way I found your blog from Faux Fuchsia :)

  5. Kitty!
    I just read your blog.

    Yay for you!

    Follow your dreams and all the very best.

  6. I got these for Christmas and I love them! One small thing is that I wish they had mls measurements on them :)

  7. The measuring cups are now available at Borders as well (which seems a little random imo) the Chatswood store had plenty in stock yesterday. I love using my set, they're so adorable!

    I've seen the chopping boards you're referring to in a homewares store in North Sydney, but I thought they were a little exxy at $110.

  8. Cheers for that M, that's all the excuse I need to get to Chatswood.


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