Feb 26, 2010

Nonna By Nature Part 2. Tried and tested white powdery stuff. Powered by 1.81 standard drinks.

Friday evening is my favourite night of the week to blog.  Having survived the working week, the weekend stretches out before me.  Potential adventures seem limitless.

I am still observing Frugal February.  Only two more days to go.  So I'm celebrating at home, with R (who is transfixed by the cricket - tonight's game does not rate for me, I am not feeling the style of the team uniforms and therefore see  no reason to pay much attention).

I am however, still feeling blue - in a literal sense only, thank goodness.  Okay, it's not a true nonna beverage but then again I am not a true nonna.  Let's all just embrace the facade together because it's Friday night.

Patient readers, observe the size of the bottle.  A mere 1.81 standard drinks.   I'm at 0.61 standard drinks at the moment which is obviously the right time to be starting a blog post.

Tonight's exploration of frugal centres on my favourite DIY, cheap as chips, fail safe beauty tricks.  Do  not ask me about the science.  All I know is that they work.   Google was my every faithful friend in the researching of today's star products.

The themes are white powdery substances and the colour blue.  Powdery white because it's the winter Olympics - Go Team Oz - a second gold medal.  And you thought I was going to work it all around Sydney Mardis Gras, George Michael and how all the celebs manage to fit into their couture awards season dresses.

Blue needs no explanation.  It is the colour of many things I find fun and attractive.  Defensiveness and paranoia are most unbecoming in a blog so it would be best if I just move on.  I'm rapidly moving on to 1.21 standard drinks.


Asprin makes the best face scrub ever.  I crush a couple of soluble aspirin in a mortar and pestle (I broke my cute white one on the bathroom floor - had to substitute this heiffer of a mortar and pestle for the photo shoot, from Victoria's Basement at 60% off RRP - score).  Mix with a creamy cleanser (to help the aspirin stick to wet skin) and use as a scrub.  Leave on the skin for 10 minutes or so and then wash off.  I am loving Kiehl's gentle foaming facial cleanser at the moment.

This leaves skin soft.  That's all I can say really.  Can't promise radiance, plumpness, improved texture, a billionaire husband or the ability to snap back to instant litheness on day one post partum or anything else miraculous.  But, it just works, it's cheap and it doesn't irritate my skin.

Sodium bicarbonate

For those like me who cannot was their hair to squeaky clean-ness no matter what shampoo and conditioner they may use.  This trick really removes build up on your hair and leaves it soft, clean and as if you were on your way to your day job as the Pantene girl.

Mix a teaspoon of bicarb with your regular shampoo and apply to hair.  Leave in for a few minutes and then rinse out thoroughly. 

Condition and then style as you usually would.

Voila, salon clean hair with minimal fuss.  Actually the only fuss is remembering to bring bicarb into the bathroom in a little dish to mix it with the shampoo.  It's quite a big fuss if you've already gotten into the shower and turned the shower on.  Thankfully, I only share the house with my husband and he turns a blind eye to the wet footprints between the kitchen and the shower.

I do this every week - I have thick hair and it collects more Pantene than the number of times Sydney has changed its metro plans (boom tish).  It may be too harsh for you to do the rinse this often.  I just find it more effective than all the cleansing shampoos I have tried.  I have a sneaking suspicion the hairdresser I go to must do a bicarb rinse on my hair, it has had so much build up in the past.

Klorane dry shampoo

Diverging from the blue theme.

Okay, not super cheap, around $14 at priceline but often on special for $11 or less - all the popular stuff at priceline seems to suffer from price rises at about 5000% the rate of inflation.  I am getting Wayne Swan onto this.  It's an outrage.  First Lucas' paw paw ointment (it's in a red jar and orange in colour so didn't cut it for this post) and then Klorane dry shampoo spray, it's unAustralian.

This stuff is the bomb.  Perfect for those days when life gets in the way of your getting home at a timely hour for you to wash and dry your hair.

Random frugal tip that isn't based on a blue or powdery white product

I think Deborah Hutton once volunteered this tip in The Australian Womens' Weekly (the nonna magazine of Australia).  It was definitely someone blonde and with whom the target market of the AWW could relate.

Super easy.  When you think you've got the last of your product out of the tube, think again.  Do not hastily ditch the tube, declaring you've 'hit pan' but with a tube packaged product (personally, I think this is Cheating, it's easier to hit tube than pan in my experience) and are hence Entitled to hit up DJs for their latest GWP offer.  I am yet to use the stuff I get GWP but that will be the subject of another post.  It's the size issue.  How can anything sample size be effective and why are all the GWP make up products in the Insipid range of the colour spectrum?  Big issues for a Friday night, readers, big issues.

Walk.  Away.  From.  The.  Bin.  And.  Find.  Your.  Scissors.  Snip the tube in half and observe the amount of product that remains within the tube.  Enough for at least a week or so.

And I think I'm done.  If this post does not get me a letter from The Queen in recognition of services to frugality (or at least a feedjit entry from Buckingham Palace) or Respect from Shannon Lush of Spotless and Speed Cleaning fame then I don't know what will.


  1. All great tips! I always cut up my skincare tubes-those creams are expensive and as you said you can get at least a week's worth of us (a week in which you have time to purchase a replacement)! :P

  2. Hey there

    this is so well written - I loved it!

    Thanks for the tip re the bi-carb mixed with shampoo - my hair gets oily because of the vaseline I need to use for my skin, so I don't want to dry my scalp out with a harsh shampoo - great that I can just mix it in with my regular shampoo.

    Well done on Frugal February :)


  3. Thanks Carly - let me know how you go with the bicarb.

  4. Some great tips here SSG!
    I love Klorane and always take it on holidays with me as I have naturally curly hair that I straighten every day. Washing, drying & striaghtening is such a lengthy process, I sometimes use Klorane as a way of avoiding it.


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