Feb 25, 2010

Our Latest Premier has my trinity ring. Sydney Shop Girl, Sydney Magazine and Adriano Zumbo - a trinity of another sort.

Well, the excitement about today's Sydney magazine was justified.  Once I got past Our Latest Premier on the cover, and the 20 questions put to Our Latest Premier, Christina Keneally and The Leader Of The Opposition, Barry O'Farrell - henceforth known as BOF (because BO would have been so very wrong).  It was very atmsopheric photography,  I thought.  Both were dressed sobrely  and they were seated together yet apart in a variety of ways looking credible and thoughtful.  Can't work out the exact reason for the photos except that they seemed to fit around the text rather nicely.  Which I haven't gotten around to reading yet.

Our Latest Premier and I have the same trinity ring.  It's a sign.  I'm not sure of what, but it's a sign.  She has a bond with the people.  I am not sure if Sydney Shop Girl is ready to endorse her but this has certainly helped warm her heart.  Surely a true puppet premier would not wear Cartier?  But I digress.

Sydney magazine food articles are definitive despatches.  The restaurants and stores reviewed are quite diverse in location, nationality, price and style.  Often there are places you've been (so that you feel 'in the know' and 'a local') but also less well known places that give you yet another excuse to drive across the toll ways and beyond your local area.

Today's magazine featured a review of Sydney's favourite artisan bakers and dessert makers.  The taste makers on the sweeter side of the palate - which is definitely where mine sit.  I guess no article would be complete without a nod to Adriano Zumbo of Balmain.

He's in the heart of Balmain, on Darling Street.  And one day, after 6am yoga, I broke my resolve.  R and I did Zumbo for breakfast.


The sidewalk sign didn't lie.

And here's the start of breakfast.  We also ordered a divine banana bread with dulce de leche spread. 

This is a close of up of my very yummy choc mint macaron.  Unfortunately we were too early for all the super fancy and creative desserts to be available for sale.  That was probably a good thing, what we did manage to eat was calorific goodness and my pancreas was recovering for the rest of the day.  One day, I will return and sample more macarons and the trademark wittily named desserts.
I still have the rest of the article to get through and a list of other bakers to visit.  Next month, I'm going on a magical mystery bus tour of the great dessert places of Sydney.

In the meantime, here's a photo of the iconic Laduree in Paris.  One of the spiritual homes of le macaron, le eclair and le decadedent packaging for baked goods.

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  1. I walked by that same Laduree in Paris. Tres beautiful times.


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