Feb 12, 2010

The perfect Friday evening.

It's Friday evening!!!!  I don't know about you, but I'm so glad the working week is over.  The best thing is, the stars seem to be aligned where  I am for a Very Cruisy Evening.  Got home in one piece, traffic was fine, we've ordered takeaway and.....

I have time to browse some magazines

The latest InStyle has arrived - Courtney Cox - looking forward to Cougar Town premiering here.  Also a chance to review some recipes for the coming week.

The recipe tags are from kikki K and are basically sticky notes you attach to the page of a recipe you like.   Genius.

Oh, hello.... is this what I think it is?

It is.  It's been a while.  In focus now...

I am not sure what my alcohol tolerance is like these days.  Hopefully I won't be under the table after a couple of drinks.

Chin, chin, hipsters.  It's Friday night.

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  1. Wow, champagne on a Friday evening...so posh! But you deserve it! :)


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