Feb 18, 2010

Rain, rain and more rain. Rain Man.

In which I recall hearing about people making a difference. There has been so much rain here in Sydney. It had a subduing effect on everyone here. The traffic was a little slower, drivers were more cautious, the bus drivers were a little more patient as we clambered on board. Pedestrians made way for each other and the umbrellas. Commuters were more understanding of the wilful, crying child who doesn't like being restrained for the Sunday afternoon family excursion. Rain. Rain Man. Times when Tom Cruise was more credible and attractive actor than fanatical controller of impressionable young wife. Autism. Aspiritech. Phew - there is a connection.

Which is all a round about segue into what I intended to write about.

I was listening to ABC news radio in bed the other night and a story about Aspiritech caught my ear. It was interesting to me because it is an organization that helps uniquely talented people 'integrate' into society and lead productive lives. They aim to teach people with Asperger's syndrome ways of harnessing their considerable intellect and enable them to be employed in professional roles, usually in the computing industry. It goes beyond charity and support, it provides dignity, self worth and financial independence.

Many of the board members have children with Asperger's and I really respect how much they have done, so selflessly. Not only for their own children but also what they do to enable many other people to have a brighter future. I can only imagine how many challenges parents of special needs children already face - emotionally, financially and physically. To be able to reach out and help other people's children this way is remarkably inspiring.

More background here

The photo was taken on the ferry from Woolwich to Circular Quay, NYE 2010 - the one just gone. It was a wet and miserable day but fined up for the fireworks that night.

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