Feb 28, 2010

Saturday night. Date night at Sydney Shop Girl Manor.

The Scene: Saturday night after Restorative Yoga that was mentally but not physically restorative, SSG and R are in the lounge room settling in for the night.  R has thoughtfully phoned for the takeaway (pizza - Duos in Woolwich, you do great pizza with generous amounts of topping and perfect seasoning).

Sport of some description is on the TV.   Several types actually, R is channel surfing.

R: You can watch anything you want, SSG.  (handing over the remote)

SSG:  Okay, I'll just put on my DVD.

R: What did you get?

SSG:  The Coco Chanel story - the one with Audrey Tatou.  The September Issue wasn't in.  Might get that out next weekend.

R:  There's more than one?  

SSG:  The other stars Shirley McClaine in it, I think it's a made for TV version.  I'm not ready for Shirley as Coco.  The concept is messing with my mind.

R:  Is it in French?

SSG:  Oh, hadn't thought of that.  (As the opening credits role in French)  

R:  (fiddles with remote)  I've put on the English subtitles for you.

The opening scenes of the young Chanel in an orphanage start.  The film is so beautifully shot and I think it is right that this is a film spoken in French.  Spoken English just lacks the cadence to convey the mood and essence of Chanel and the era.

R:  Yes, it's a beautiful film.  I wonder how she goes from this to starting her business?  There must be some rich man involved.

I reckon that's the story.  Might pop off to bed then and listen to the cricket.

The film starts looking a bit more arthouse.  

R hesitates before really heading off to bed.  SSG's previous record of choosing DVDs for date night has been rather high in the 'award winning foreign language film about complex relationships where passion is expressed non verablly by the pulling off of clothes by consenting adults in atmospherically backlit rooms' stakes.  

SSG usually gets a bit flustered when this happens and insists it's all 'essential to plot and character development' but R is not so sure.  Is it bordering on soft porn if it's in an award winning film with serious and respected actors?  Does his wife have unresolved issues about self expression?

He finally estimates that it would be highly unlikely that a film with such Good Clothing would get to that level.

Film proceeds in much the same way as R predicted.

I loved the film.  Audrey Tatou was entirely convincing and the fashion was fabulous.  Especially her white silk pyjamas that she later had made with a black border at the collar.  There was  fantastic scene where she walked out of her shop in her PJs with heels on and a black jersey cardi over the top.

My other favourite look is the navy and whie striped boat necked top and how she was inspired to create this look whilst walking on the beach at dawn, in evening dress, the early morning after the long night before with Boy.

Boy, her financial backer wore a white camelia in his lapel.  So sad that he died but I suspect leading the double life of a married man in London and being the lover of Paris' revolutionary fashion designer would have caught up with him sooner rather than later.

Coco's formal sitting room was just as it was when Rachel Zoe visited it in her show.  I don't know if this is high praise of the historical accuracy of the film or even particularly relevant but I am a big fan of Rachel Zoe.  R also likes the RZP.  He and Rodger (Mr Rachel Zoe) see Eye To Eye.  I eagerly await season 3.


  1. Loved Coco Avant Chanel...saw it in the cinema.

  2. SSG...I'm surprised you like Duos! DH and I think there isn't enough topping at all hehe!

  3. Amy,
    You know Duos too?

    What a small world.

    Mr SSG is a big fan of the $50 offer of 2 pizzas, salad, lasagna and soft drink home delivered. He has the leftovers for breakfast the next day.



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