Feb 14, 2010

Sydney Shop Girl does not endorse Valentine's Day.

And what a surprise that is, dear readers.  Depsite all the posts on shopping, clothes and coupledom - Sydney Shop Girl does not endorse or observe Valentine's Day.  Thankfully, neither does R.  We established pretty early on in the piece that we would never do flowers, stuffed toys, cards, chocolate, fancy dinners or go anywhere 'romantic' on V Day.  It's just too cringe worthy and commercialized.

This link pretty much confirms my suspicions.  V Day profits at florists are much higher when the day falls on a week day.  Apparently women like 'being seen' with huge bouquets at their workplace.  On the weekend, it doesn't matter so much because, presumably, it's 'just'  you, your man and the TV at home.  Oh and all the mistresses miss out on the weekend too - in more ways than one.

I think back to my teenage V Days.  I went to a girls school and when it got to Year 11, the pressure was intense.  The whispers of who got flowers delivered to their home, who got those hideous white teddy bears with the love heart ribbons like nooses around their necks, who got cards.  I did get  a card once, but the diplomatic young man sent a card to a few other ladies too.  Well played.

Then there's V Day when you're in a 'not sure' relationship.  You know the ones, where you are sure he's The One but he 'doesn't know'.  February 14 becomes a day of reckoning and the source of mind games and overanalyzing.  Are his preparations last  minute (roses are mottled, they were not delivered to you, he brought them) but perhaps not (the gift of a black akira dress in your size is not something you could pick up from the service station, then again - he could have just walked into a store and gestured vaguely at your size and charmed the SA into selecting something).  Far too many neurones involved already.

Then it's out to dinner - in a sea of couples sitting in candle light in one of The Restaurants of the city.  As you walk in, there's a wave of Forced Affection that hits you, after the perfume and the cologne.  It's the Noah's Ark of relationships.  The couples arrive for dinner two by two as if their lives depended on it.  The smiles looking more like grimaces (this was in the years before The Tox got mainstream and socially acceptable).

Somehow, everyone survives dinner and after dessert, there is the walk to the car and apprehension and anxiety about Us surfaces (mostly) for the lady of the couple.

For five years now, I have been set free of the V Day mind games.  Today will be like every other day R and I have together - happy, sad, hilarious, frustrating - who knows.  But it will be real and sponateous.  Oh, and I will have to decide which red handbag to take out with me today.

May you have a lovely day regardless of whether or not you believe in Valentine's Day.  These are just the thoughts of a worldly weary somewhat cynical woman.

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