Feb 23, 2010

Terry Durack endorses Sydney pub grub. Sydney Shop Girl endorses both Terry Durack and Kerry O'Brien.

Continuing my theory of hormones being the answer to the unexplained in human behaviour and emotion, I present Sydney Shop Girl on testosterone.  I have officially moved on from greige and discovered the blues.

I was greeted by this blue Holden ute in our driveway when I got home from work.  R was giving it a home for the night for a workmate.  I love the blue.  I am so cut that I missed out on corporate tickets for AC/DC that R's work was hosting.  It would have been worth the permanent hearing loss and having bourbon and coke poured over my handbag and into my birkis to have seen the coroporate and flannel brigades collide.

Then I decided to address the issue of our arthritic front gate with a liberal application of WD40 - my panacea for anything around the house involving doors and hinges.

No dressing table is complete without Jo Malone, Hermes ... andWD-40.  

To the background of the cricket, we sat down and had dinner.  Again, made while the ironing and clothes folding was going on.  Roasted carrots and potatoes add comfort to any meal.  I dressed the vegies in a donna hay dressing of olive oil, mustard, honey and white wine vinegar.  

Yeah, it's not that bloky a meal but I hear pub grub is becoming super fancy these days.  My beloved Terry Durack (the best thing to have happened to the SMH's Good Living since they lost my other beloved Bill Granger) says It Is So.  Which means It Is So.  I love Terry's reviews.  I love Terry almost as much as I love Kerry O'Brien.  They both remind me of my dad possibly because they are as old as dad but also because they are pretty on the ball.

Today Terry featured the Four In Hand pub menu.  I so want to go.  I am working on R.  The Four In Hand is not in the CBD, not 'corporate' and therefore not 'work' for him and I think I can seal the deal with value for money. 

FYI - in my Terry link - he was dining at Rockpool which is another one of my Sydney loves.  Rockpool has the best steak, chips, display of Riedel and the endorse Aesop.  What is not to like?


  1. funny you mention pub grub...there's a spread about the fine art of pub food (complete with recipes) in this months Oprah magazine.

  2. Oprah has her finger on the pulse too.

    I think it relates to the economic climate. Everyone is seeking better value for money.

  3. rofls my parents went to ac/dc and they made me drop them off at the concert haha

  4. So do share the recipie for the Donna Hay dressing.....the ingredients sound marv

  5. It's really easy, Anonymous. 1 tablespoon each of white wine vinegar, seeded mustard, honey. Combine with 1/4 cup olive oil.


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