Feb 18, 2010

Thursday night - dinner for one.

It's Thursday night and I am in dire need of the weekend.  It's been another long day.  Tonight I am unexpectedly having dinner alone.  R's mate from Perth is over for a couple of days and what started as after work beers has progressed to post booze munchies.  Lucky things, they have the whole of the Rocks and the CBD to choose from, R and his workmates have probably done the lap of honour several times over.  R's working day often involves 'lunch'.  The only downside is that heading back to the city for dinner is the last thing he wants to do.

BTW - I love Lurpak butter.  I was devastated when the garlic flavoured version was discontinued in Australia.

So here I am, on my own for dinner with 2 wild barramundi fillets to cook.  In times like these, my usual strategy is to google 'ingredient + recipe' and have a browse.  It hardly ever fails.  Tonight's dinner is pan fried barramundi, recipe here

R had helpfully labelled the fish for the freezer.  He was in charge of the Fish Market run that weekend.   We usually buy several months' worth of seafood which we then divide up into meals and freeze.  I hate that his printing is better than mine.

And the fillets are indeed rather wild looking on their skin sides. Grrrr....

Gratuitous close up of my express tip of the night.  Where would I be without these tubes of taste!  So much easier than washing and drying herbs, then chopping or mezzaluna-ing and then all that washing up....
And the fillets are indeed rather wild looking on their skin sides. Grrrr....

Basically. I pan fried the fish fillet and then made the sauce in the same pan.  My beloved Anolon fry pan.  Nothing ever sticks - I just have to learn how to fry fish properly.  I never get the time right.  My usual default cooking method is to bake fillets in foil parcels.  Perhaps google will have the answer for me.
And finally, dinner is served.  I shared the table with my new babushka measuring cups.  I don't know about you, but I usually can't be bothered cooking a whole meal if I'm eating on my own.  It's usually something microwaved or toast or cereal.  It did feel pretty special sitting down to a meal I'd cooked just for me.

Feeling much better about the world and looking forward to Friday.  Doesn't matter how bad it may be, it's the weekend the day after!

Hope you're all having a lovely evening.


  1. Never heard of Barramundi...what does it taste similiar to?

    Garlic flavoured Lurpak? Really?

    That's some wedding ring you've managed to catch accidentally in your photo. Don't think I've ever seen it. ;)

  2. The photos speaks that the dinner was delecious. I too need to start preparing Barramundi. I will surely try out this one.

  3. Thank you Julian. It is a really easy recipe. Definitely give it a go.


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