Feb 24, 2010

Yoga and yolks.

I like Wednesday evenings.  It means I've survived hump day and it's the down hill slide to the weekend.  It's been a hectic week and I've managed to get by without a major dummy spit or panic attack. Caffeine helps.

Conveniently, it was a restorative class at yoga tonight.  Slower poses, held longer but I still felt pretty stretched after class.  Making progress with the shoulder stand.  I am straighter in the body and doing less of this > at the hips.

Then, it was time for my usual yoga night dinner - poached eggs on toast.

My secret weapon - poach pods.  All you need to do is spray them with cooking oil, crack an egg inside and poach for your desired time.


I got the time right tonight - the yolks are the perfect runniness.  Accompanied here by multigrain toast, salad, cracked pepper and a bit of light reading material.


How could I forget - the tomato sauce.  It must be an Asian thing, I eat tomato sauce with a lot of random foods, even fried rice.

Hope you've all had a restful evening.

Is anyone as excited as I am that Sydney magazine is coming out with the SMH tomorrow?  I just love the photos the best.


  1. We get the Melbourne magazine with The Age.
    I used to adore it, but I think it's got more ads in it than articles.

  2. That is true, Carly - but they are mighty good looking ads.

    This month in Sydney, there was a feature on pastry chefs and dessert makers. Just my thing. I will have to make a list of all the places to go visit.

  3. Ha! I used to eat eggs with tomato sauce and still do. It must be an Asian thing :P Hubby always looks on horrified :P


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