Mar 9, 2010

10 minute meals. Terry was Capital in Good Living

For Carly Findlay - another advenuture in good mince. 

Veal larb from the mistress of simple but special - donna hay.  This is a recipe from her magazine issue feb/mar 2009.  I have great respect for her fast 50 recipes.  They are indeed fast, are a sophisticated twist on familiar flavours and rely on ingredients that are easily accessible.

The symmetry of those numbers.  $10 per kilo, $4.60 for 460 grams.  In these times, I think this  represents a frugal meat purchase.  Plus, it is Australian as indicated by the green and gold.

The green and gold them continues with lime juice, grated ginger and garlic.  Extra flavour from the fish sauce and brown sugar (this is the readily available and easy to use alternative to palm sugar).

Lots of chopping and then a quick fry of the mince.  One red onion and a long red chilli deseeded.


Plate up with some coriander, steamed bok choy and rice and you're good to go.

The thing with quick dinners is that ironically I don't feel as efficient preparing them.  Somehow having something simmer or bake for a while whilst I go around the house doing other things seems more productive.

No Tuesday post would be complete without reference to today's Good Living.  Another cracker of a restaurant review from Terry Durack (my fascination of not being a secret to any regular readers).  Today he reviewed Capital Grill (1 Macquarie Place, Sydney - tel 9247 4445) and it was a Capital. 

This week, Terry:

  • noted that the decor was 'smart and coroporately inclined'

  • made a bemused comparison to the Brasserie Bread (I love this bakery, it rocks) 'bearing scorch marks as if straight from a Donna Hay stylist'

  • commented decisively about trends in food styling, apparently it is now 'deconstrcuted elements of the dish placed carefully and precisely on the plate as if blown there by a leafblower'.  I am clearly way ahead of the curve in this department.  In fact I think I qualify as a Visionary in this discipline.

  • requested that the chef make his skin on potato wedges less oily.
In my informal role as food and beverage advisor to Mr SSG  - I have duly noted the above and will let him know about yet another place to add to the lap of honour of business lunch venues in the CBD.  Red meat, grilled fish fillets and sashimi - I think that covers the entire spectrum of the corporate lunch diet. 


  1. I've never known veal to be available minced before. I've always only seen it in steaks or 'chops'.

  2. You've just got to love Donna don't you? that looks tasty and healthy. Must try that one day. PS in your story below went through the same moment with the Omo. There's not enough choice for front loading peeps!

  3. Looks yum! Your post reminds me that I have a Donna Hay cooked book sitting around somewhere, the recipes of which are unfortunately untried :(

  4. Hey there

    sorry I didn't thank you earlier for linking me to this post and showing me what Larb is. I appreciate it a lot and I shall be making some this week :) I have been very distracted last week and that was why I didn't reply. Back on track now. Going to cook up a storm


  5. I made a version of the larb. It is nice, but a bit burnt tasting as the wok was hot. I put carrot, capsicum, chili, red cabbage, broccolini and asparagus in mine.


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