Mar 13, 2010

The Cookbook Hierachy at SSG Manor. Mix and Go Muesli - How To and Practical Uses Of.

My subconscious made me wake up at the crack of dawn this morning for no real reason at all.  It's Saturday.  I will have to ask myself some questions to find out why.

While I was trying to contact my subconscious, I sat for a bit in the study contemplating the recipe book shelf.  On the left we have the art gallery volumes - the glossy coffee table numbers from restaurants around Australia.  Beautiful to look at but unfortunately my culinary skills and ability to source the ingredients prevent me from actioning any of the recipes I may like.

In the middle of the shelf, Bill Granger and Stephanie Alexander.  Books which get a lot of use.

And to the right.

My well thumbed Australian Womens' Weekly (a magazine that comes out monthly, Australian Womens' Day comes out weekly - go figure) recipe books.  Mostly from the baking and sweet end of the AWW culinary spectrum.

In the kitchen, we have the every day collection.

Lots of Donna plus files of recipes I've hoarded from magazines, the paper, the net.  Conveniently located above the tea and coffee.  Caffeine and cooking are fine bed fellows.


In the manner of Faux Fuchsia, I felt myself directed to make muesli.  Specifically my adaptation of Bill Granger's recipe from Everyday.  It's a great recipe which you can adapt to your own taste.  In my case, I add lots more fruit than the original recipe dictates.  You can mix and match any kind of dried fruit you like.  Dried strawberries can be hard to find.  I am not sure if this is cheaper than buying muesli premade, but home made is at least filled with things I like and isn't padded out with filler substances.

The muesli box.  With my index card of the adapted muesli recipe.  I find it easiest to keep all the ingredients in one box - with a couple of bay leaves to keep the weevils at bay.  That's not quite alliteration but it's funny for a Saturday morning.

And we're ready to start.  I wish I'd waited until later in the morning to do this.  There wasn't much light at 6.30am this morning so I had to bracket my exposure and it looks a little odd.

4 cups rolled oats, 2 cups barley flakes. 1 cup bran cereal.  Plus a 1/2 cup or so sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Cut up the dried fruit of your choice.  I've chosen dates, pineapple and pears.

I don't know if you need to chop up banana chips but I was feeling the need to froggy-luna.

And then the almonds.  3/4 cup, chopped.

 And the mix it all up.


I store mine in a flip top cereal container and the Mr SSG takes the little boxes to work for breakfast during the week.  I visited his office once and nearly tripped over several boxes of Weeties, stray cereal bowls and pairs of havianas.  Apparently people who Work In The City eat breakfasts at their desks quite alot and look after their feet by wearing thongs around the place when they aren't Client Facing.  It made corporate Australia look much more human to me. 

It's been quite a busy morning.  I've managed to change the water filter cartridge, WD40d the back gate and do some other boring household things I don't particularly think need any more attention than they already have in most peoples' lives.

I am feeling the call of the mall.  The shops.  Specifically Portmans.  I have not darkened the doorway of a Portmans store for many, many years.  For some reason, I think I need to make amends.  I will report back.


  1. This is a wonderful blog.

    Food + Fashion + Travel = Win!

    I am so glad to have stumbled across it.

  2. Hi Amy

    Thank you for your lovely comment and for stopping by.

    SSG xxx


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