Mar 11, 2010

Decluttering on a week night. Behaviour most strange.

In my excitement at finding the missing Ikea clear plastic boxes and lids necessary for the the spare room, I had an entirely out of character desire to declutter on a weeknight. 

Sortera - the label does not lie.  These boxes with a hinged lid are ideal for stowing away bits and pieces that don't have another home.  Spare packaging, wrapping and decorations in my case.

The pair fit under the desk and can be pulled out for a spare work surface if I need to rest books or files on something besides the desk.  The opacity is a key design feature - to obscure the appearance of  the unsorted contents within.

There's a clear box for everything that doesn't get used daily.  All my spares, the samples - they all get stowed in clear boxes with lids.  Even the hair dryer looks tidy.  Parlux hair dryers are legendary.  Highly recommended. 

And finally, one of the clear tool organizer contraptions for my curling iron and straightener.  Is there anyone more conflicted with their hair?  My hair is chemically straightened by the way.  Anyway, both appliances now have a home and their chords aren't falling down between shelves or tangled up in each other.

I could stare at these shelves for ages.

In news just at hand, I got my wireless remote for my camera in the mail today.  I love eBay.  Anyway, it works like a charm.  I tested it out on myself and tried to take a self portrait.  Without makeup, hair or lighting.  A challenge for another day. 

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  1. I need to get me some of those boxes, stat!

    I have naturally curly hair and kept it chemically straightened for about a year. I eventually came to terms with the curls though and haven't used my straightener in almost two years!


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