Mar 5, 2010

Faux Friday.

So called because it is not Friday as we understand it for me, readers.  I am in fact putting in a legendary 15 hours tomorrow.  The forecast is for rain here in Sydney, so I do not feel so deprived.

Facts (the rainy weekend and my shift at work) that can't possibly have gone unnoticed in SSG Manor - it's been announced by bugle in SSG Town Square (the meals area off the kitchen) several times already and is also marked off on the Manor Calendar of Events.

Do not laugh at this meal plan, readers.  It works.  There's nothing worse than coming home from the Day and Traffic from Hell with No Idea What To Have For Dinner.  Though the calendar may be mocked and ocassionally defaced by some other resident of the Manor, but it has served me well.  I can plan a shopping list from it, I can keep an eye on how diverse and inclusive of the 5 food groups the Manor diet is and perhaps most importantly, it clearly states which the days the Manor cook is having a night off and how she may be spending this time.

March promises to be a month of good food.  Which I will of course share with you at the other end of the broad band cable.  I have a theory that kilojoules shared online are kilojoules obliterated.

Which is a theory I am testing right now with a photo of my Friday breakfast.  In much the same vein as my work day lunches - Friday is wild card in the breakfast stakes.  Today we have Special K with chocolatey flakes, a grapefruit and some vitamins.

It has been given an industrial edge with the addition of an interesting background of the front page of the SMH.  That's Victoria Road, non Sydney-siders.  It's my local patch of Sydney grid locked traffic.  Being part of it makes me feel like I'm a true Sydney-sider.  For once I am just looking at the traffic and not part of it. 

For some reason, there isn't enough chocolate in my Special K.  Which is why the little block of dark chocolate was on the table at 6.58am.  I was hoping to froggy-luna it into shards (that's dessert chef techno-speak) to sprinkle over my cereal.  Time limited, I had to leave the chocolate alone.  It's a fabulous brand - American I think.  I was given it my a work mate last year.  This is my last bar.  I have no idea where to locate more.  This and my Italian soap which was a very unexpected gift from a patient relative.  Elusive items.

Oh yes, it's also Faux Friday because one Faux Fuchsia has advised that today is The International Woman's Day.  So I've been celebrating the day in ways I hope she sees fit for the ceremony of the day.  Starting with chocolate, coffee and shopping.

So I am doing my bit.  After my half day (it was meant to be a complete day off but we won't go into that right now - by some perverse course of justice the half day worked has paid huge dividends) - I took the ferry in to the CBD for some R&R.


A sight for sore eyes after the long trudge through the wet streets - Max Brenner.  Sigh.  The best mochas ever.  In a choice of dark, milk or white chocolate.  I just knew I'd get in my chocolate fix today.  I just knew it.

This is my favourite part of the store - the chocolate's just there by the sink like it's a standard kitchen appliance.  Sadly, I had no room for the cakes.

As usual, the tiny Max Brenner cafe in DJs was packed out.  So I took my mocha over to the DJs food hall to savour it, feel the chocolate and caffeine hit and ponder my purchases of the afternoon.


  1. Good on you for shopping it up.
    I hate it when you get ripped off with the additions in cereals. Right now I have Norganics Crunchola and it has berries. Hardly any berries. I add real berries and nectarines to it and eat it with apple juice. Cos I don't like milk.

    I think I'm going to do a spot of shopping on International Women's Day (it's 8 March) on my Monday off work - LONG WEEKEND HERE! Today I went to a International Women's Day lunch with a guest speaker.

    Not well at the moment, so just resting up and watching a bland yet comforting J-Lo movie.

  2. Hi Carly

    It's a cereal conspiracy. I actually make my own muesli.

    Enjoy your long weekend. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to at the shops.



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