Mar 8, 2010

Finding fame and glamour in unexpected places. Exalt DJs, Sydney CBD. Thank you LPC.

I had a dream last night.  It was very Alice in Wonderland.  I think I was wearing Alannah Hill or maybe Alice McCall whilst doing the laundry.  Then I realized I was actually replaying an ad I saw on TV.  No wonder I slept in......

At Coles on the way home, I hunted out this curious product.  It does exist.  Except that it's only for top loaders.  I am devastated.  Those of us trying to save water by having exxy front loaders deserve a little Jasmine & Black Gardenia scented magic in our front loading washing machine lives.

There was more special staff at home.  I got a handwritten note from Kiehl's at DJs in the city plus a couple of samples.  I am full of love for Kiehl's at DJs.  They staged an intervention for me in which they found the second last jar of Lycopene cream in Sydney for me and had it delivered ready for me to pick up this weekend.  

I also have high praise for Iva at DJ's Ladies Designer Shoes.  She tells it like it is.  Especially on the vexing issue of whether or not to put red topy soles on new Louboutins (FYI - the answer is no, it may be okay if you've worn down the original red sole but otherwise desist).  I asked her about this in front of a pair of very chic European tourists.  There was silence as the male half of the tourist duo shook his perfectly coiffed head and mouthed 'no' with that stubble that the Europeans do so well.  Iva is the lady to speak to if you wish to get on the list for decolletes - when and if a new shipment hits Australian shores.  I hope that young lady who was half of the European tourist duo took those black patent decolletes like I told her to.  

And how could this day go by without a reference to the Oscars and fame.

I found Fame on my fridge door.  Some may have photos of supermodels or athletes on their fridge doors as inspiration but I picked up this magnet at Video Ezy Gladesville and thought is was just what my fridge door needed.  Notice how it is anchoring down the (in)famous SSG Manor meal planning calendar for the  month of March 2010.

And I found a few little golden bits and pieces in my wardrobe which I thought evoked a bit of Hollywood in the Manor.  The gold clutch was something I carried at our wedding.  The faux fur coat is blonde and very warm and from Target!!  And the heels look glamorous but are actually impossible to walk in, Peep Toe shoes.

Us Australian bloggers were given a heartwarming honorable mention from across the seas at  ~ Privelege today.  Thanks, LPC - you're incredibally kind and we really love your blog too.  Nominations on Oscar day - what more could a group of Aussie bloggers ask for?


  1. I use that detergent, but I'm sorry to say the scent doesn't really linger on the clothes, so you're not missing much.

    It's so nice to hear about great customer service, it seems to be a dying art!

  2. I was very excited when I saw your name mentioned on Privilege's blog! Congrats.

  3. Kellyansapansa - thank you for the heads up on the detergent. I do not feel so left out now.

    Carly - thank you!! I have a new miracle with mince dish that I am going to write about soon. Stay tuned.

    SSG xxx

  4. My mum bought these for her top loader so I made her do my washing with them :)

    I have a front loader too, we need some love as well!!!

  5. Aren't the Kiehl's sales people the best? Just awesome. And I need to get nice and cosy with Iva - I have many pairs of Louboutins, but only one bought from DJs, I fear!


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