Mar 7, 2010

The Good Wife, A Good Night In. Things are getting spicy. Ad breaks are so informative.

Sunday night dinners fluctuate from the light to substantial.  It all depends on how big the weekend was in food.  Tonight was a curry, rice and veg kind of night.  Yoga always makes me crave a curry - butter chicken is my favourite.  Mr SSG and I had hit the pool for some laps as well this afternoon.  So, 45 minute swim + an hour and half of yoga = hearty dinner.

I was in domestic goddess lite mode tonight - which translates to following the easy parts of a recipe and then turning to Patak's for the final push.  So I marinated the chicken in the spice part of the recipe (minus the yoghurt) for about 6 hours before sauteeing an onion with a bay leaf and a cinnamon stick.

Before adding the marinated chicken. 

I love the colours and the scent of the spices.  Of course, being in lite mode - I went easy on the butter and oil and didn't add any extra cream.  Then I added the Patak's and left the pot to simmer while the basmati was cooking and the asparagus spears were being zapped in the microwave.  Too easy.


Meanwhile, I had a Nigella moment - plucking some coriander off my plastic bagged herb bunches from the fridge.

And all done in time for The Good Wife.  Mr SSG is somewhat disgruntled that Alicia Florrick is yet to do a case that attracts billable hours.  Which proves he is secretly watching.  I like Alicia.  Her mother in law isn't that bad.  Is the Twilight Zone ringtone really necessary?

It's useful having Mr SSG on hand - he's been explaining all the in jokes and the inner workings of large law firm.  Except he's gone off to bed.  So I'd better pay attention to what I'm watching.

Tonight there is potential for a love triangle and extramarital affair - Mr Big (Peter Florrick) versus Josh Charles (Will Gardner).  Oh the dilemma. So much of a dilemma that I'm staying up way past my bedtime to find out how complicated things will get.  What will Alicia do?  I'm Team Big.  For sentimental reasons.

Which also gave me a chance to discover, in the ad breaks, that both Jennifer Aniston and Catherine Zeta Jones have new films slated for release here soon.  I'm Team Aniston here - she looks great and as if she is totally over Brad.  CZJ is looking eerily frozen Photo Shopped younger than I've ever seen her.

Ads are so informative - we now have limited edition fragranced laundry powders?  Again, I think Mr SSG will Not Be Amused if I brought these home.


  1. Limited Edn fragranced laundry powders!

    Your dinner looks amazing. I plan to cook properly tomorrow. My weekend has been sad so far but tomorrow will be the day I get things together.

  2. I want to see The Rebound (The CZJ movie). I don't mind her so much. I even liked her in Chicago, No Reservations and America's Sweethearts. I'm not a fan of Jennifer Aniston, though - I don't think she's made a decent flick since The Good Girl and I'm not about at waste my precious $17 on another of her dubious films... Gerard Butler's a hottie though. Hmmm. The dilemma!


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