Mar 23, 2010

The M4. That photo is not me, but it could be. Terry and I see Eye To Eye.

I'm day 1 after the flu vaccine and I've been all feverish and fatigued.  Then it took 90 minutes to get home despite leaving before the peak hour(s) start.  M4 - what is up with you at the moment?  I think you need a bit of a lie down and a few days off to go to the motorway spa for a massage and bit of bitumen botox.  I sense tension and frustration everytime I try to drive past you (whilst others are trying to drive onto you) on Tuesday afternoons.  We can work this out, in fact we have to work this out - you are the only way I can get home.

There's only one thing to do on days like this - look forward. 

There's a frisson of anticipation in that particular patch of air that hovers above SSG Manor.  It could possibly have been generated by a gap in the ozone layer over the Manor (ozone layer, that's an unfashionable term these days, it's all Earth Hour and Global Warming and Carbon Offsets).  But I think it relates more to a series of Things To Look Forward To -
  • a day off on Friday
  • Mr SSG going on annual leave for a week - I gain a house husband
  • dinner at Becasse
  • shu uemura eye lash application
  • potential new handbag purchase
  • Easter Long Weekend: lunch at Berowra Waters Inn, fish & chips at Pyrmont Fish Markets (I'm bringing my own bottle of tomato sauce to the Fish Markets and I will photograph it for you as proof, I always feel hard done by with the tomato source supply at fish and chipperies) and hot cross buns - I'm getting chocolate and traditional ones this year, a dozen for 2 people. 

But all of that is looking way into the future.  The time to enjoy is now.

Photojojo, the Diana lomo lens, Sienna Miller could be my new fashion compass

Image courtesy of

In case you were wondering, no that is not me.  It's a Nikon, it's an Asian lady, there's long black hair but nope, not me.  My  Diana lens for my D5000 is on back order... boo hoo.  You must read the product info and FAQ pages, they are hilarious.

In the words of photojojo, yes, I am burdened by row after row of Gourmet Traveller class photos in my Getty Images iPhoto. Each image is monotonous in its stylized perfection.  Sigh.  I need a new way to express myself photographically.

The Diana lens promises to allow me, as a DSLR geek to get in with the young hipsters and their lo-fi, lomo plastic cameras.  Artfully hazy images (caught in broad daylight) will be at my fingertips.  I could be beatnik, beatific and blurred all at the same time.

I'm really excited at the possibilities.  It makes me feel like pointing my fashion compass in the direction of Sienna Miller circa Jude Law, boho (that's another word that has suffered a quick demise) and the Balenciaga bags. 

Of course, I could have just smeared vaseline all over a lens filter but the allure of owning a bit of retro and attaching it to my DSLR was too much. 

Terry and I are on the same wavelength

Hipsters, today is also Terry Durack Tuesday.  If you are in lathers of indecision as to how to run your kitchen for the coming week, lather no longer.  Terry and I have a shared vision this week.  This week he reviewed Bloodwood, 416 King Street, Newtown tel: 9557 7699.  But that's a minor detail.  I'm most excited about the facts that:

  • We both love mince.  Terry is endorsing it big time.  He calls it 'so Presbyterian, so housewifely (Tony Abbott, with his sympathies to ironing housewives, must also be fan of mince), so gosh darn practical (that's me).  Bloodwood do a mean lamb mince ball and tofu stuffed with pork mince.  
  • We both love desserts with 'no cream, no rubbish'.  In today's case it was a trifle of poundcake, pomegranate granita, rhubarb jelly and fruit.
  • We both love 'cooking without fuss and bother and without gratuitous use of cream or carbohydrate'.
I'm off to bed to get a few hours extra sleep.  Have a good one.


    1. I love Terry too! Do you embrace Jill too?

    2. But but but what handbag are you going to buy? That's very important! ;)

    3. FF - yes, Jill is delightful. Unfortunately, she only appears once every 3 weeks in the recipe pages. So get to embrace her less frequently than Terry.

      Lorraine - the fashion police say the logo is dead but to that I say, NEVER!!!! I have taken inventory at the SSG Manor handbag library (like a wine fridge but well, more aesthetically pleasing) and am deficient in patent, clutches and silver hardware. If one bag can combine all of these, I'm in like Flynn.

      SSG xxx

    4. Are you saying your hubby works at Becasse?

    5. Elise - I wish, sadly not. Mr SSG is not employed in a food related industry.

      SSG xxx


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