Mar 12, 2010

Metallic Mastheads. Casual Chic, Cocktail Hour and Shrinking Snackfood Serves At SSG Manor.

My contribution to work place productivity is The SSG Casual Friday.  I have written about this many times (for as long as this blog has existed and for practically every Friday that has elapsed since then) but finally, we have photographic evidence.  I'm not at work in this photo.  I've returned home from being so productive I just had to leave early.  We are making headway in the paper writing department.

What I wore: Robert Robert black flats, Top Shop flared high waisted jeans in dark denim, Esprit paten leather skinny belt, T&Co large silver key, Hermes red clic clac, Omega seamaster with black face, usual rings, LV black epi bag.

I've gotten the hang of my camera remote.  There's no denying it.  I don't have a face for portrait photography.  Undeterred, I have changed my profile photo.  Because the time for change is now.

In the photo above, I look as if I've just invited you in for drinks after you've suggested that you're the photographer from InStyle whose visiting to take some photos of me and The Manor. You have just asked me to look lively but relaxed.  The little black gadget in my right hand isn't a lazer pointer that I'm going to point at you and hypnotize you into photoshopping me beyond recognition, it's the camera remote.   Just putting it all out there.

This is SSG Manor's fruit and vegetables for the week.  Some lovely people go to Flemington Markets and pack a box full of things that I clicked on a list on Tuesday night and then another lovely person from Fastaway Couriers drops them off on Friday.  They are very good, except don't order eggs because sometimes they crack en route.

All those lovely fruits and vegetables.  I have  thing for spring onions at the moment - I eat them in my salads, as a garnish.  They have bite but aren't as overpowering as garlic or onions.

Speaking of InStyle - Australia Post were very kind as well.  InStyle Australia is 10 this month, well April.  Ann Hathaway is the month's covergirl.  She looks gorgeous, I wonder if Rachel Zoe styled? Will have a look later.  No, it was Tina Chai.  I have a theory that the best issues of InStyle are those with a metallic masthead on the cover.  This issue we have silver - it's going to be a great read, I can feel it in my bones.

The beverage of choice tonight is the Classic Champagne Cocktail.  Which is incredibly easy and classifies as frugal because I'm using Yellow Glen - Australian readers, you know what I'm talking about.  Just place one sugar cube in a champagne flute, add a few drops of Angostura bitters and leave a while to muddle.  To serve, simply top the flute with bubbly.

And search for snacks.  Did you know that it's not good enough that snacks are baked not fried (thank you Arnotts) - but that rice crackers are now glazed?  As opposed to dunked in those flavourings that taste so moreish but are do dehydrating.

Is it just me or is the amount of food you get in a packet still shrinking?  Now that everything is wrapped in foil, it's a bit harder to see how much you're actually getting.  The beneficent reason would be that the snack food industry is doing its bit to help curb national rates of obesity.  The cynics would say that it is in aid of increased profit margins.  There was that terrible time when Cadbury decided to change its chocolate here and added oil to the mix and changed the packaging to cardboard.  After a huge consumer backlash, they reverted back to their original chocolate recipe and I think they've lost the cardboard packaging.

Food trivia - the things you learn on my blog!

Have a wonderful Friday evening, everyone.  Talk to you soon.


  1. Ah yes, the great Cadbury recipe-change debacle. Apparently they've done something to their Creme Eggs now - they don't taste anywhere near as good as they used to!

  2. I love your writing style, SSG. You look relaxedly stylish in the first picture. I wonder if Rachel Zoe styled? :)

  3. Kelly - that is startling news. I will boycott Cadbury.

    foodwink - I was thinking of What Would Rachel Wear - WWRW. It's like WWJD - What Would Jesus Do, but different. I am impressed that you were in HK and got the change to partake of haute cuisine. Excellent photos.

    SSG xxx


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