Mar 24, 2010

Papped the PM, it's time to try to Pap the President of the United States.

Finally, some good news about the motorways of Australia.  This 6000 piece glazed brick mural of Barack Obama is somewhere along the M7.  Which I've never driven down but perhaps I should.

Austral bricks had originally had the wall built when it was first announced that President Obama would be in Australia for 24 hours on March 25.  Partly to celebrate the visit and also to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Australia / United States Alliance.

The original deal was that he would address parliament in Canberra and then fly out again.

I was hoping that Airforce One would then stop by Sydney and Books Kinokuniya in the CBD (where I previously bumped in KRudd and his cute and preppy security), as you do.  It was NYE 2009 and there was the Prime Minister of Australia in a green polo shirt paying for a book at the counter next to me in the QVB.  I knew something was up when all the men in suits in the store were talking to their wrists.  I was very slow off the mark and got my iPhone out way too late.

Politicians were actually encouraging their children to 'practice their Wii' in anticipation of the Presidential Children visiting.

Well, we all have a few months to go - the Obamas are arriving in June.  Should be a jubilant visit after the landmark health care bills that have just passed through at the White House - the official signing was today, I believe.  A little Michelle Obama fashion is just what we need to get us through the winter.  Timely distraction, given the live Rudd/Abbott worm debates we've been threatened with promised.

For non Australian readers, I'd better explain the blue banner tacked on the top - now that the Presidential visit has been postponed.

It is of course, the famous line of one Lara Bingle.  She has since become (in)famous for lots of other things but I've been there before.  The banner comes down when the President arrives - we hope.

Meanwhile, I have to practice my quick drawing my iPhone out of my handbag to get the action photos.


  1. I've only bumped into Peter Costello and Malcolm Turnbull. Strange that both are no longer in power :)

  2. I cant quite imagine KRudd going into QVB to purchase a book like an ordinary person, I just thought pollies couldnt do that sort of thing. How refreshing.


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