Mar 21, 2010

A room with a view.

Written in response to the blog this photographic challenge.

I have many favourite rooms with views but this room and its view is of the moment and I'd like to share my yoga studio as my room with a view.  We had an early class this morning and took the opportunity to get a few shots with my iPhone to see if I could reproduce the view.

There are views from within the room and looking out from it that inspire and strengthen me and put my heart and mind in a good place.

This was the best shot.  It's from the 'street side' of our studio and I look out this window during standing poses and concentrate on the branches of this tree as I try to balance, align and stretch simultaneously.

Even from the other side of the room, for the 'lying poses', looking out this window motivates me to stretch just a little bit more, to arch my spine and look upward.  All while still breathing.

Sunday classes are a little different to the other classes I attend.  The extreme selfishness of (sometimes) being able to get to 3 classes of yoga a week!  Our Sunday teacher is very precise.  He focuses on alignment and balance in each pose.  At the time I don't feel as if I'm being 'pushed' but I leave his classes with a greater awareness of my body and what I should be striving for in each pose and how the fundamentals apply to the different asansas.  The use of props and partner work is immensely educational as well.  We get to know each other and see how bodies are meant to work in a pose.

Somehow on Sundays. everyone just has more time to settle in to class.  There's always friendly chat or a smile.  That is not to say it's unfriendly during the week but we're all rushing here and there on weeknights.  Sunday mornings are go slow, stop to smell the roses (or should that be coffee as we are in Balmain) times.

This week, our teacher brought his little boy E to class.  It was just lovely.  E gets a hug from the older members of the class (who are also as warm to Mr SSG and I).  He studiously marks us off on the register.  Students explain to him what they're doing as they write cheques for their payment and he gets to practice his maths, printing and the date.

As we settle into our first pose of class, E trots around to place a block at each mat - for future asanas.  He pauses at the stage to have a snack and a drink (he is the only person permitted to bring food, drink and sandals into the studio proper).  Then it's onto his next job - handing out leaflets advising of future class times.  He drops them at our heads with a little 'This is for you' and a nod of his curly hair.

Occasionally, E has time for a bit of yoga.  He has a mat next to his dad with his own props.  He is big on using the wooden sticks and floor poses at the moment.  Throughout all his activities, he remains so quiet and unobtrusive - his youthful perception self-adjusting his boyish energy to suit the surrounds. 

All too soon, E has to leave.  His mum has come to pick him up and he politely says goodbye to each of us in turn - even the non regulars.

Bye, E - hope you're having a lovely day today.

As a concession to the heat this morning, the back door of the studio was left open for our class.  I like the dappling of the beige wall - as a result of both the light and moisture.  I must ask what the sanskrit means one day.  It's a very peaceful scene to look out at.

And then the view as we walk down the stairs from the studio after class. 


  1. thats a great tree.
    perfect for sitting on.
    if only i wasn't scared of heights...

  2. Nice view!
    I need to know how to do body balance and still breathe!

  3. great entry. what a lovely place to bend, stretch and breathe in.

  4. What a great challenge entry - beautifully written. I was imaginging everything you've described and that IS a great view!

  5. Thank you everyone, for your comments.

    Cotton Socks - I'm working on my balance. When I get there, I'm going to give that tree a go :-)

    SSG xxx

  6. Hey there, I saw your profile on my site and wanted to say thanks for the follow luv. And wow! Awesome photos!

    Have a fab one.

  7. Thoroughly enjoyed your post and those gorgeous shots.
    Keep up the wonderful work


  8. Hi Chatterbox
    Thank you for your lovely comment.

    Keep reading!

    SSG xxx

  9. It's been ages since I attempted yoga, but your post has made me want to have another go. Even though it is agony. I want the peace you evoke with your post.

    Thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro. :-)

  10. Very peaceful post. I can imagine stretching alongside you.

  11. love the thought of relaxing in a lovely atmosphere. great shots. Naomi x

  12. Hi SSG Sigh. You lucky duck, being able to attend yoga. I'm so glad it helps you find some serenity. J x


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