Mar 9, 2010

The September Issue in March. The return of my black sandals. Grace Coddington would approve.

I'm celebrating International Women's Day one day late, on my own at home.  In other words - a girl's night in.  Mr SSG has a leave pass is out for the night leaving me in charge of food and entertainment for the evening.

The Manor is lightly scented with Napa Leather.  By happy circumstance it was 1/2 price DVDs at Video Ezy.  Hence The September Issue!!!  I finally got a chance to borrow a copy.  Gladesville is obviously fashionista territory, it's the first time I've seen a copy in store.  It was meant to be.  In the hazy background is me.  Me on skis, standing upright, in red snow boarding pants, on a green run at Buttermilk in Aspen.  I still can't believe I was skiing.  

VH1 was playing their top 50 number 1s as I went about doing my thing.  Madonna's Vogue came on as did many of the number 1s of my youth.  Definitely the soundtrack of a girly night.

I will apologize in advance.  The September Issue transported me to another world of colour, fashion, stories, texture and personalities.  It has made me look at the world (and my wardrobe) in a different light.  I don't know what to make of Anna Wintour.  Frightening is the first word that comes to mind.  But she has vision, dedication, influence and power.  As well as good hair, a passion for dark glasses indoors and The Look.  Still, she is more real than Helen Gurley Brown who is just frightening to me.

Though, I do implore Anna to use her influence with designers in the way the boss of Neiman Marcus suggested.  Anna, get those designers to keep supply up with demand. 


These are my much loved black sandals.  I got new heels put on them, managed to leg it to the cobblers before he shut today.  I had to take a photo of them because I am so happy to have them back.  Life wasn't quite the same without black sandals.  I've been dependent on dark brown, cream and tan and it was getting well, a little too neutral.  Somehow my black shoes are the most comfortable.  Could be because I wear them the most and the pair on the right are nonna grade orthotic sandals that I wear with pride because I can get through a whole day on my feet in them and still make it across the car park and drive home.  I think Grace Coddington would approve.  I was so relieved to see her wear sensible black shoes throughout the film.

With the hard decisions of the night made and the atmosphere created, it was time to relax.  It was very liberating walking around the house with a thick coating of face mask as I waited for the steamer to start up.  Dermalogica's multivitamin power recovery masque is it.  So 'it' that the word recovery in the name is a registered trademark.  I have just realized that my steamer matches the masque packaging and my timer.  It's not just utility at SSG Manor, it's also about colour.  I am no sure what Mario Testino would make of this shot but he is adorable.

$8 for dinner.  How cost effective is tonight turning out to be?  All my favourites - teriyaki chicken x 2, california roll x , raw salmon x 1.  Here too, we have a certain resonance of the brown of teriyaki chicken and the wooden table top.   I think Anna would approve of the dedication to a light dinner, if not the soy sauce, or that the sushi rice is white or that there are 4 rolls rather than one for dinner.  Anna, there is Texture in these photos.

This cake's for Andre Leon.  He has slimmed down now but I think he'd always find room for piece of cake.  Am I the only one seeing Louis Vuitton's monogram canvas in the colours of this cake?  Seeing Andre get ready for a few hits on the tennis court as part of his fitness regime was classic.  Andre is best just being himself.  His role in SATC just didn't do him justice.
The cake has an interesting story behind it.  It's a coffee cake made using cake mix as a base.  Another one my American baking obsessions - cake recipes based on cake mix. 


  1. I love that Dermalogica mask. Actually I love all Dermalogica products. I haven't seen the September Issue yet though - would you recommend it?

  2. Definitely, Kelly. It's a thought provoking doccumentary. I really appreciate how much thought and planning goes into the magazine now. It's interesting to see how the models and celebs are bluntly scrutinitzed in their photos. No one is spared.

    SSG xxx


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