Mar 30, 2010

SSG, Reporting From the Vault and Stirring the Flames of Monarchy.

Be still my beating heart - I'm watching last night's ep of The Good Wife and Chris Noth has appeared, as Peter Florrick but I like to think of him always as Mr Big. In a suit. Mr SSG is still waiting for Alicia Florrick to stop doing pro bono work and put in some billable hours. He's also useful for explaining the plot to me.  However, he's just left the room.  It's AFL season, I'm already an AFL widow some half a week into the season and Mr SSG has serious business to attend to - building his virtual AFL dream team and listening to the radio commentary of the game.

I was reminded of The Good Wife by my photos from Sydney Town Hall at the weekend.  All that sandstone, brick and pillar work.  I was In The Vault to be precise. 
This free exhibition is on at the Lower Town Hall until April 26, 2010.  It is a celebration of the re-opening of the Hall after being closed for 2 years for a $40 million essential services upgrade.  Unvaulted features items unearthed, uncovered, unexpected, unbelieveable, unfirgettable, unique, under attack, unwired, unkown and unwrapped.

Coincidentally, I think April 26 will be around the time The Good Wife returns to Australian screens.  Ten, in their wisdom are resting it for 2 weeks!!!  It doesn't need a rest.  It's at its prime and I am just getting into the swing of the series.  I suspect there will be no revolt or jamming of the network switchboards.  I am thinking that us fans of The Good Wife are a sedate bunch of tea drinking ginger nut snap and dippers who will find other ways to fill in their time.

Such as by exploring their city's historical roots, appreciating restored furniture and reminicing about royal families. 

Maps like this always remind of me school excursions.  I had to look down to check that I wasn't in my school uniform, run my tongue over my lips to see if I still had my braces on or a thick coat of The Body Shop Apricot Lip Balm on my lips.  Nope, I'm all good.

Lower Town Hall has been transformed into a multi-purpose public venue.  I think it was actually excavated before any of the rewiring and other things could happen.

The mace looks a little ghostly in the images above.  It even has a velvet roap cordoning it off from the rest of the room.

The space is filled with gifts to the city and artefacts relating to Sydney's heritage.

These Samurai costumes were a gift from Japan, from the 1980's.

This is the first time I've seen fur trimmed official robes up close. I have no idea what kind of fur is on the trim.

Original chairs have been restored and are on display.

Nope, no sitting allowed.

The Vault as once a fire proof room for Council records.  It will now be a meeting room, the chairs and table are restored cedar.

The roof contains a new three-tiered fire protection system including sprinklers.

It's been a while since I've read The Australian Women's Weekly.  From what I can gather, it's also been a while since a Royal graced the cover.  Oh for the days of my school aged youth.  Our late Princess of Wales in a fetching pastel evening dress and emeralds (before she went Dior chic with Dodi and had The Mario Testino photo shoot), The Duchess of York, the Princesses of Monaco.  It was all so sedate and refined - even when there was a 'scandal'.  It really was 'another world' escapist reading and modern day celebs just don't cut it for me.

I rediscovered my monarchist tendencies at the exhibition.

These are the ceremonial spades used by Prince Philip and The Queen as the marked the commencement of Rembrance Driveway to Canberra.

A portrait of Elizabeth and Phillip.

Oops, I forgot to take a photo of Bonaparte's lock of hair, allegedly on show as an exhibit and apologies for not being able to identify the marble bust and portrait above.

A model of Sydney Town Hall by Gleb Levshin, from thw 1970s.

I stepped out from the dim light and humidity controlled air into the sunlight and blast of summer heat a little wiser about the past and the diverse elements of different cultures and eras of history which have made their mark on Sydney.


  1. Interesting fact: the fur used to trim the official and ceremonial robes of royalty and the nobility is traditionally ermine but now more commonly rabbit dyed to look like ermine. You learn something new every day!

    I don't know why but I find Town Hall less than impressive. Maybe because it's squished in between all those modern buildings so it loses it's visual impact? Maybe I should go to the exhibition to rediscover!

  2. I have some latent monarchist tendencies too. I always wanted to be a Princess (but for a country like Monaco where you can do what you want hehe). I love The Good Wife too although I missed a few eps :(

  3. Kitty - thank you for the interesting rabbit / ermine fact!

    Lorraine - totally agree, being Royalty in Monaco would be a bohemian existence clad in couture.

    SSG xxx

  4. I also enjoy The Good Wife but unfortunately hubby prefers 'V'... so I haven't caught the last few episodes.
    I really want tivo. :)
    Ditto on the Royalty thing. I grew up in Tassie and think about our humble Taswegian becoming Princess Mary! A true-life fairy tale.

  5. Hey there lovely! I've left you a little award on my bloggy. 10 things that make you happy.


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