Mar 20, 2010

Sugar Hit Safari Part 1: Adora Handmade Chocolates, Earlwood.

I love Saturday mornings, especially after a late on Friday.  Today I went to my Sweet Indulgence Safari, organized by Gourmet Safaris.  I think the price was $120 - ample food provided at each of the 7 stops of the trip.  I will write about each stop in order.

It was so much fun, I took around 200 photos over the 7 hours of the tour.  But relax, I am going to drip feed them onto the blog.

I'm always slouching in my oufit photos.  Apologies.  My posture is actually better now, due to the yoga but I think I slouch as a startle response to setting off my camera remote.  The photo is purely to illustrate my embodying the essence of both Maeve O'Meara and safari in one fell swoop of an outfit - vivid colours and a leopard print.  Dress is 100% synthetic from ICE (InStyle are now quoting the materials used in all their fashion stories, for some strange reason) and a steal at $20.  Wooden beads $5 from Forever 21 in KL.  Usual metalware.

I founs the meeting point - the old fashioned red letterbox at Central Station and boarded the air-conditioned coach with ensuite.  Very civilized.

The crowd was an eccelectic mix of young and old, couples and singles.  Our guide, Suzy was lovely and informative.  I picked up lots of tips about cooking, Sydney and food.  I was the only food blogger on the bus.  I stood out like a sore thumb with my camera, notebook and pen.  There was some curiousity as to what I was doing taking all those photos and notes and I explained as best I could.  The benefits of being an obscure, novice blogger.  Everyone just smiled and nodded politey.

And we were off.  In hindsight, it was overkill having a Maccas coffee on my walk to the starting point.  It was a stinking hot day and the fully airconditioned bus was our saviour - not to mention what a benefit it was for all the goodies we bought along the way.  I neglected to bring an ice block and insulated bag, this was recommended. 

Adora Handmade Chocolates
Founded by 2 Greek sisters, Tina and Katerina.  They taught themselves how to make chocolate as a business they could conduct from home whilst looking after their combined total of 11 children.  Their tiny store is nestled by the Cooks River and their mum lives next door.  She drops over pastries for the shop periodically.

As it was Saturday morning, the cyclists were out in force.  Getting in some exercise before indulging at Adora.  I wisely went for a run this morning and had a spartan breakfast in preparation.

The shelf of awards speak for themselves.  The sisters are dedicated to what they love doing and their desire to simply produce the best they can (above all else) is evident in the way they talk about their chocolates.  It's not a business, it's a passion, a love, a family and way of life.

The shop is tiny - a narrow, long coridoor.  There is ample seating out the front and also at the front of Tina and Katerina's mum's place.  The kitchen area is even tinier.  We split into 2 groups, I was in the coffee and chocolate first group.  An excellent idea.

The chocolates are divine.  Everything including the flavoured fillings in made onsite and from fresh ingredients.  Even the nuts are roasted by Adora.  The sisters find inspiration for new flavours from current food trends.  Nothing goes to waste - excess choclates and fillings are used in the cakes and pastries.  We were all given coffee and our choice of 2 chocolates from the vast range.  With the offer of a thrid chocolate if we went for the wattle seed chocolate.  I regret not making this choice.  I had two of the more sedate but diving truffles - orange champagne (right) and ganache (left).  Coffee was excellent.  The service was friendly and efficient despite the crowds.

Then, the tour of the tiny Adora kitchen.  I can't believe that everything I saw in the store began its life in this tiny space.


There are two full time chocolatiers on hand.  All the finishes are done by hand - literally going dotty over the chocolate dots.  The truffles are hand rolled but there is a contraption that makes square truffles and this saves considerable time.  The cutter is hanging on the trolley to the right, in the photo above.

The half egg shells waiting to be assembled.

Nut clusters

Truffle cases waiting to be filled.

And the baking.

Then we climbed down the stairs to explore the store, again.  Any excuse to just stand and gaze.

The sparkling liquid chocolate dispenser.

Just the regular array of chocolate jewels....  I couldn't fit the entire range into my shots.  Sorry.  You just have to visit for yourself.

Seeing as it is Easter.  I thought  you might like to see Adora's Easter range.  Just adorabe.

Below are the chocolate cubes (left) that you dunk into hot milk and eat/drink as a hot chocolate on a stick.

Oh, and more baked goods.

Andre Leon may have had his eyes starved of beauty at NY Fashion Week, a few years ago but SSG's eyes had already seen plenty, and it was only 10.30am.

All too soon, it was time to board the bus again to set off for our next sugar hit destination.

I hope this post has given you a bit of a cheer up if you need it or else been a sweet read on a lovely day.

I've made copious notes for the rest of the safari, so stay tuned for the next episode.

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  1. Mmmm can almost smell the chocolate too... what a great day!

  2. Hi SSG,

    I stumbled across your blog by accident and I must say I enjoy your posts so thought I'd make a comment here. Love all your food posts and the outfit posts are a definite plus!


  3. Mmmmmmmm chocolate.

    Didn't know Australia had red post boxes..

    Love looking at all your outfits and what you get up to.

    Learning so much more about you and loving it. :)

  4. Love Gourmet Safaris and LOVE Suzy - she is great! Can't wait to hear the rest of your story - the sweet indulgence safari is one I have always really wanted to go on!

  5. I love adora - there is one at the Sofitel in the city too. I think they make the best hot chocolate in the city ( i always go the dark choc option) and you get 2 choccies whenever you order a coffee of hot choc.

  6. Catching up with comments.

    Semi-Expat: love your flowers and vase.

    Christine: blogs are good like that :-)

    Miss Kitty: you should do it. They also have spa based events too. I have plenty more from the day to write about.

    Elise - hello :-) I must get to the store and try their hot chocolate. I never knew Adora were in the city before yesterday.

    SSG xxx

  7. i love your blog so much and you look absolutely gorgeous in all your pictures! please do another blog post soon! makeup artist in Sydney


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