Mar 22, 2010

Sugar Hit Safari Part 4: Mado Cafe, Auburn.

We discovered Turkey for lunch at  Mado Cafe, 63 Auburn Road, Auburn.  There is a large Turkish community in Auburn.  Once we stepped off the sidewalk and into Mado, I felt as if I could have been in Turkey myself.  The decor, the patrons in traditional dress, the chatter.  A really special place with very friendly and informative staff.  Mado is a bit of an insitution in Auburn and a favourite with the local Turkish community.

Fortunately, we had a light and vegetarian meal set out for us.  Wholemeal Turkish bread, a variety of dips, rice and 2 salads.

The walnut salad featured a pomegranate molasses dressing which I loved - and I actually bought a bottle of the molasses at our supermarket stop on the safari.

And yes there was dessert and I couldn't resist eating them all.

One of the specialty desserts from Turkey is the Dondurma, 'stretchy' ice cream.  It is made with salep, a flour from the roots of the Early Purple Orchid.  That alone gives the dessert such mystery and allure for me.  The ice cream has to be churned with long paddles to keep it malleable.  There is even a lecture online detailing the chemistry of Dondurma.

We had two flavours of Dondurma - apricot and date.  They were both refreshing and full of the natural taste of each fruit.  I didn't find the ice cream particularly stretchy.  More a dense creamy consistency, but it was delicious.

The baklava is made with walnuts, a little different to what I usually have.

Below is a shot of the kitchen visible from the dining room.

And I couldn't resist taking a photo of the drinks preparation area - the beverages are carried to your table in the brass stands to the right in the photo.  Some of the drinks on offer are the apple tea and Turkish coffee.  I'll have to return again to try these.

I took a photo of some of their traditional desserts.  I cannot identify them all but I can see rice pudding and cake.  I've been googling for 20 minutes and still am no close to naming anymore.

Another photo of the decor inside Mado.  The couches were really comfortable and I liked the way the walls were decorated.

On the wall hangings there are photos of Dondurma ice cream sellers.


There was a shoe store next door.  The prices were too good to refuse for some of the ladies on the tour, and they ducked off for a bit of shoe safari hunting.


  1. Ooh I love the kazandibi dessert here! So stretchy and so good and those ice creams are fantastic too :)

  2. What an amazing tour! I just love Sydney for the kaleidoscope of culture and food. Thanks for introducing me to La Patisserie (I find the tarts at Sweet Belem too sweet for my liking) and now Mado. Looking forward to more.


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