Mar 23, 2010

Sugar Hit Safari Part 5: Real Turkish Delight, Auburn.

Some pretty pictures, I'll let them do most of the talking, for a change.

Real Turkish Delight, 3-5 Auburn Street, Auburn.

Such a shame the window dressing photos didn't turn out too well.  I just wanted to rush in the door and hold the little chickens and cuddle the bunnies.

Home of the best Turkish Delight in Australia.  The company supplies DJs and a whole lot of other retailers in Australia.  Despite the glamour of the store, everything was very reasonably priced.  I paid less than $10 for a large bag of individually wrapped chocolate coated Turkish delight pieces.  I will never eat Fry's again.

A jewel of a shop in the Auburn town centre.  I love the feature ceiling with its blue tiling.  It was just all so beautiful.

The super cute Easter bunnies and chickens.  It was very Beatrix Potter meets Haighs in the middle of Turkey.  It's why I love exploring Sydney.

And the painted egg shells hung on branches.

Oh and there was edible stuff there too.

Besides chocolate and Turkish delight, the company also produces hard boiled sweets.

Which of course, we were encouraged to sample of quite freely.

We tried rose, pistachio, coconut and hazelnut flavoured Turkish Delights.  Well most people did, I got stuck on the rose.....

Do we have to leave?


  1. Every time someone mentions Turkish Delight I htink of the Narnia books. The White Witch promised Edward Turkish Delight, if I remember.

  2. I remember that too. The books of my childhood have so many powerful images of food that stay in my memory to this day.

    SSG xxx


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