Mar 24, 2010

Sugar Hit Safari Part 6: Gima Emporium, Auburn.

A short walk from the chocolate shop of part 5 is Gima Emporium which sells predominantly Turkish smallgoods.  It is on 31 - 35 Queen Street, Auburn.

In the picture below, we have 2 kinds of halva.  There are halvas from many parts of the world.  Turkish halva is made from tahini and sugar.  The dish at the front is cocoa flavoured and to the righ is a pistachio flavoured halva.

The other sweet in the photo is called sucuk, it is made from a paste of solidified grape juice and wheat starch called bastik and walnuts dusted with icing sugar.  Thank you, Google.

I love the vivid colours of these fruit desserts.

Staple home cooking ingredients.  I love the size of the oil drums, the sheer number of choices of olives and the tinned versions of popular vegetables.  Every kitchen needs a few cans of vegies, they come in handy when everything in the crisper is dead.

Turkish fairy floss - a very popular item.  It's proper name is pismaniye and is made from melted butter and sugar.  Different method to the tooth ache inducing flourescent pink and blue fairy floss of my youth.  I don't know the proper use of pismaniye but it's been adopted as a dessert topping in recipes I've been browsing on the net.

 I brought home a few goodies I'm looking forward to trying over the coming weeks.

Turkish jams, $4 per bottle and choc full of fruit pieces.  Turkish jams are the best and a great buy, adivsed Suzie our guide,  They seem a bit more runny in the jar than european jams.  I will review them when I finish my $10 jar of donna hay strawberry and vanilla jam.  Don't ask, I was in the Woollahra general store and was powerless to resist the allure of a slick retailing space.

Above are a couple of Maeve and Suzie favourites.  Pepper paste is  zingy substitue for whenever you would use tomato paste.

Pomegranate molasses is great as a salad dressing (especially for tomato based salads) and also as an easy marinade for chicken.  My kind of cooking.  Maximum taste with minimal effort.  Good in any language.

These are Turkish sultanas.  I've never seen the as huge as this.  Such a beautiful golden olive.  They are almost too good to eat with my weetbix. 

I also found a package of sumac.  Apparently this is heaven sprinkled over lamb or any other meat dishes after cooking.

Are you all still with me?  6 posts from my safari - 1 more to go.  And it's a place just as special as these last 6.


  1. Sumac is amazing. It has a wonderful zingy citrus flavour. It's one of the main ingredients in fattoush and I think it's fab with grilled chicken too. I loved your series on the Gourmet Safari. I have been on a few now and I think they are wonderful. My next one will hopefully be the French Safari!

  2. Thank you, Kitty.

    I am seriously wanting to go on another Safari soon as well. Need to space out my dining adventures, the weekends coming up are getting pretty full.

    SSG xxx

  3. I have just been through a phase of full weekends - I'm looking forward to doing very little over the next few weeks. Unfortunately I am almost certain they will fill up! What I actually need to do is some baking...

  4. What a great food safari .... love the idea of pepper paste and sumac is delicious.. I adore Turkish food. x


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