Mar 25, 2010

Sugar Hit Safari Part 7: Glace, Leichhardt.

And so we reach the end of the Sweet Indulgences Food Safari.  Writing each of these posts has brought back great memories.  I still can't believe we covered so much ground in one day.

Our last stop was Glace -  27 Marion Street, Leichhardt and it was a fitting end on a rather hot day.

Yes, a gin and tonic sounds lovely - in a sorbet - even better!!

Very summery cushions welcome customers who can't wait to get home with their frozen treats and have to eat them then and there.

Our group of intrepid food explorers were treated to a tasting of three of Glace's lines.  Very civilized.
The first was a chocolate ice-cream.  Not too sweet or dense.

Excuse me, I was trying to eat and shoot at the same time.  My favourite was the rum and raisin ice-cream (above right).  Generous amount of fruit and a real rum taste.

Above, we have the berry sorbet.  Which was very refreshing.  Love how the sorbet matches this lady's blouse.

Glace's customers have been known to travel all across Sydney to pick up frozen delectables to take home with them.  Larger sized products are packed with liquid nitrogen and this provides an extra half hour of freezing time.  The more you add, the longer the extra freezing time.

Glace also have been supplying Sydney's top restaurants with their ice-cream products for quite a while now.

So many flavours to choose from, the G&T sorbet!!

Cabinets of goodies.  They look too perfect to be made out of icecream.

Cakes made entirely out of ice-cream.

A cute ice-cream stand at the entrance of Glace.

And there we have it.  My take on the 7 stop Sweet Indulgence Food Safari.  It was such a lot of fun tasting and taking photographs.  I did learn so much about different foods and cultures along the way.  The 'insider' knowledge was especially valuable. 

It was  inspiring to see how small businesses manage to grow and find commercial success with a combination of hard work, family support and a commitment to the product before profit.

I also now have even more respect for the full time food bloggers I read.  There is really a fair bit of work behind each seemingly effortless post.

I enjoy the challenges of the different writing assignments my blog has taken me on so far and look forward to where my blog will take me next.


  1. Hmmmm... I love ice-cream. My latest discovery is the Maggie Beer Lemon and Orange Curd ice-cream which is to die for. I purchased mine from Thomas Dux and while it is hideously expensive, it's entirely too delicious for words. I can't wait to try out Glace!

  2. Oh kitty - on the weekend i had maggie beer icecream - i think it was called "burnt fig jam, honeycomb and caramel" - it was delicious, the burnt fig jam really made it! I think $10 or $12 for 500 mls at IGA which isnt too bad for premium icecream.

    SSG - I will have to try Glace!

  3. Oh. My. Gosh. I want to go there!!!!! My best friend and I are ice cream junkies, she would love this!

  4. Hi Claire Marie,

    Hello and Thank You for following.

    Have a great weekend.

    SSG xxx


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