Mar 7, 2010

Sunday morning at The Little Marionette, Balmain.

There's nothing like waking up the morning after a really long weekend shift.  The day is yours to do with as you please.  To recharge for the coming week, to give the brain cells a chance to re-synapse and to just spend time in the real world, feeling the sun on my face, the sun on my arms and legs and breathing in the laid back air of Balmain on a Sunday morning.


Starting with Sunday morning yoga.  Even the local pets get into the zone - doing the dog pose on their own little mats.  I really enjoyed today's class.  The Sunday classes tend to focus on partner and prop work and it really helps me correct myself in the asanas.  There was a focus on shoulders today which I needed after spending the last week hunched over computers, patients' beds, BP monitors and my laptop.

Recharged, Mr SSG and I headed out for brunch.  To my favourite cafe ever - The Little Marionette, just off Darling Street, near Balmain Hospital.

It's a cosy, funky little space.  The staff are super friendly.  Across the road is a park, where customers can go with their food and rugs borrowed from the cafe.  Legend has it that the staff top up the parking meters near the front of the cafe.  Every single patron returns all their cutlery and rubbish to the cafe, keeping the park tidy and clean for everyone.

The stripes and berets of the staff uniforms are so cool.  I just love it.

The official carbon neutral mode of transport in Balmain - the scooter.

We ordered coffees and brunch and sat down to take in the sun, the vibe and people watch.

Our drinks arrived - an iced coffee for Mr SSG and a mocha for me.

And then our meals.  A tandoori chicken roll up for me and a toastie for Mr SSG.  Don't you love the camp site style metal plates?  Full points for having a serve of vegetables with brunch.

Very satisfied, and with the sun heating up the footpaths and the tree lined streets losing their shady cover, it was time to head home.

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  1. Wow, fun post - so glad I found your blog.

    And now I am hungry. Totally your fault....

  2. Hi Brahm
    Welcome and thank you for following.


  3. Ooh ... I like quirky cafes. Would love to try this cafe the next time I head to Balmain :)


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