Mar 8, 2010

Sydney Shop Girl Manor is alive with the scent of Jo Malone.

It's selfish and completely superficial.  It's succumbing to retailing psychology.  It's a guilty pleasure.  I'm talking about buying yourself a present mostly for the packaging. 

I love Jo Malone fragrances and I love opening Jo Malone packaging.  The black ribbon bow of the bag, the bow on the boxes, the scent sprayed on the black tissue liners.  Sydney Shop Girl Manor is decorated in a style far, far removed from the Jo Malone aesthetic (SSG Manor favours function, comfort, low dust accumulation and easy cleaning).   The style borrows heavily from the decluttered school of design (in hope if not in reality).

To be completely honest, the interiors have not been touched by the divining rod of an interior designer.  There isn't even a single interiors or decorating magazine in the establishment.  I'm not anti-interiors, I'm just a little interior apathetic.

I first discovered Jo Malone when I was given a sample of the 154 shower gel.  It was way before DJ's started stocking her products so I had to think laterally to get more supplies.  Enter Neiman Marcus and my US mail forwarding service.

Not technically a purchase just for me, I splurged and bought a new room fragrance from the home fragrance range.  I'm a bit of clutz with candles, a room spray is much safer in my hands.  I have nightmares of leaving candles lit as I leave the house or go to bed.


It's hard to describe the scent of Napa Leather.  I'm sure there's advertising spiel somewhere if you are interested in the proper description.  It's crisp, fresh and a little masculine.  Not overpowering.  It reminds me of Swedish architecture, cuff links, crisp business shirts, men's stainless steel watches, frequent flyer lounges and rooms at The Westin.  Which I like because it conjures up images of travel and departures for new adventures.  Though I'm not sure if Jo Malone's marketing department were hoping for that response.  Strangely I was not stirred to think of leather lounges, car seats or shoes which are things more convetionally associated with the scent of leather. 

Mr SSG, the Minister of Finance here at SSG Manor is not feeling the love for Napa Leather living fragrance. You cannot see his face in this photograph, but he is Not Amused. 

Happy Monday everyone.  I hope this little adventure from the weekend helps prolong that chilled out and recharged feeling as you do battle with whatever it may be that your working week throws at you.

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