Mar 11, 2010

Sydney Shop Girl Presents 3 Very Good Reasons to Love Sweden.

My fellow Australians (and my beloved international readers - I love seeing where you're all from on Feedjit live feed),

Sweden is big news right now in Australia.


Needs no further explanation.  I specifically made Sweden the subject of today's post so that I could duck into Ikea after work to shop get into the zone and research.

It was meant to be.  The final pieces of my decluttering project from January 2010 were in store.  It was truly a moment to be captured on my iPhone.  Readers, I shopped for our currency (see further down somewhere when I go on about the krona).

For good measure, a close up of the small lidded containers that have been eluding me for months.

And then I took a meditative stroll through the ordered coridoors of the self-service area for larger items and did my own barcodes at the self service registers.  I had to tear myself away from the meatballs because the trolley was rather full by this stage.  Similarly, no hands free for an Ikea soft serve.

In other news from Rhodes....

Happy Easter, kiddies - its $17 for 24 coke zeros at Coles!!  There was a time when the offer was $10 and it actually wasn't that long ago.  That was truly Great Easter Value.  Sadly, these days, Coles is given to hyperbole in the advertising stakes.  I sense insecurity from the competition of Aldi, Woolworths and Walmart.
Stieg Larsson

image courtesy of
I am not happy with Borders at the moment.  They closed the city store many moons ago and it is yet to resurface.  Leaving me with reader coupons that have expired.  Plus, the coupons always apply to non reduced books and everything new or newsworthy seems to have some discount.  Perhaps the coupons are redundant.

Anyway, I got an email from them and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is now a movie!!  Yippeee!!!!  The Ikea and Apple references can now come to life.  I love Larsson's incredibly detailed and descriptive prose.  I'm not normally a fan of violent, espionage and thriller mysteries (I'm team Marple and Poirot) - but I couldn't stop turning the pages of the first two of the Millennium trilogy.  My spelling is appalling.  I've had to look up both Larsson and Millennium about 10 times since I started this paragraph.

If only I could get around to reading the final book of the trilogy.  It will be my Easter project.

It's kikki K meets Silence of the Lambs - deceptive marketting.  I found these really cute bunny pegs that double as bookmarks. It's the first time I've had a chance to get them out of their packet.  The little chicks are also from my local $2 shop.

The krona
Apparently the krona is a very stable currency right now.  Along with Australian dollar and the Canadian dollar.  This is the place to invest people.  Or perhaps it was people with these dollars investing in other places.  Basically the Swedish have sound financial insitutions and banking practices.  As opposed to China which has fantastic trade figures but has a weak stock exchange making it a less desirable currenct.

I only remember all of this because it was in the paper today and for some reason I had enough time to read it at lunch.  Or perhaps I heard it on the radio last night (heard the Chinese bit and read the Swedish bit).  Enough time to actually read the financial pages.  I wasn't bored enough to get to the sports and trots pages.   Thank goodness.

So, go forth and give Sweden a hug, give a Swede a hug if you walk past one today and hear that lovely accent.  There's so much more to Sweden than Volvos, Abba and Miss Maud's. 

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  1. Ooh - you have to read the third book in the Millenium series. It's my favourite out of the three!


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