Mar 14, 2010

taste of Sydney, Sunday March 14, 2010.

Food and drink has been on everyones' minds in Sydney today.  Earlier this week in the SMH, there was the news of Jamie Oliver doing a free show on the evening of Sunday March 14.  There was the NSW Wine Show as well and last but defintely not least, the final day of taste Sydney 2010.  We were all praying for clear skies and God provided this - plus that magical sunshine you only seem to get on Sundays.

People were horse riding, walking and generally enjoying the beauty of Centennial park.  It was a lovely walk from the entry gate of the park to where taste was being held.

And by Mr SSG's watch, we made excellent time.  We took our spots in the VIP line and waited eagerly for the food and fun contained within the tents.

In a nice touch by the organizers, VIP ticket holders were invited into the shade as the final preparationns of the grounds took place.  We heard the PA announcement informing stall holders that it was 5 minutes before the the session started and then we were off....

To seek refuge in the air-conditioned VIP tent.  With free flowing sparkling and all manner of beverages.  Which I sensibly took advantage of before the Chandon sparkling master class.

Here we are at the master class.  There were 6 champagnes for tasting and yes, I did read the notes and listen to the sommelier before drinking tasting each glass.

Having set the mood for the afternoon, the hunt for my favourite food pics began.  Obssessive planner that I am, I had my list of choices from home in my hand.  Mr SSG was just open to whatever looked good.  I have listed the prices in the official festival currency of crowns - which is 1 for 1 with the dollar.

Each restuarant had decked out their stalls quite impressively and I loved the astro turfed tables dotted around the park.  All the food was delicious and I was amazed at how good the food was, considering it was all being made from portable equipment and at great speed.  A huge round of applause for all the restaurants.

From Jonah's at Whale Beach - the Fries wih Eyes, 12 crowns.  Crisp school prans with a spicy Cajun reomoulade.  Nothing like the fried stuff to cut through the bubbles.

From Longrain Restaurant  - the fish cakes with sweet chilli, lime, coriander and bean sprouts.  10 crowns.

So many choices, so little time.

Macarons from Guillaume at Bennelong.

Mini Sandwich with Bue Swimmer Crab meat and coriander mayo, 10 crowns.  There were 3, we just scoffed them before I got a chance to take a photo.  These were from Guillaume at Bennelong.

The Organic Grass Fed Wagyu Burger Beef Burger from Plan B, 12 crowns.

And then it was back to the sanctuary of the VIP tent with some offerings from Aria.  The Slow Roasted Moran Family Lamb Spit Roast, 12 crowns.  Followed by the very refreshing Strawberry Jelly with Champagne foam, 8 crowns. 


 We chilled out on the sofas, listened to the DJ, had a chat with strangers about what we were eating and then I explored the portable toilets - which were up to standard.


I was craving pasta.  This is the Past e piselli.  Tubetti pasta with peas, onions and bacon.  8 crowns from Buon Ricordo.

And we still weren't done.  Tiramisu roulade from Bird, Cow, Fish - 8 crowns. Then Four In Hand's Cherry Ripe, 8 crowns.

For something different, we went to the Gourmet Taste Kitchen to watch Romeo Baudouin from Victor Churchill, Butcher transform the humble pig's head into a slab of gelatinous tastiness.  It's getting late and I'm still under the influence of Chandon - so forgive me for not naming it more specifically.

All good things must come to an end.  We walked out of the tentland of tasty treats into a glorious autumn afternoon.

It was a lovely day.  Thanks for reading.  It's nearly time for The Good Wife.


  1. That sounds like a WONDERFUL day! How I adore food, and the food you ate looked lovely.
    The astroturf tables made me think that you were having grassy picnics!
    The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is on at the moment here too. I may have to go to an event.
    Your necklaces look fab!

  2. I've read about this on a few blogs today. I'm not a foodie, but it sounds like a great day out!

  3. I heard J.O. was off to Sydney from Twitter. I would love something like this. SOunds fun.

  4. Great pics! :D Sounds like you had a ball and it was good to see the pics on the dishes that we didn't try! :)

  5. It's a shame I missed Jamie Oliver. I'll have a look in the paper today to see if there is any write up of his appearance or an interview. It's all been very low key - unusual for food crazed Sydney.

    SSG xxx


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