Mar 2, 2010

Tea and bi-coastal ginger nuts at Sydney Shop Girl Manor.

Come on in and take a seat.   I was just making afternoon tea.  I'm not usually home this early during the week.

Today we have a choice of two kinds of Arnott's ginger nuts.  The crumpled packet are the NSW version.  Not as sweet and really, really hard.  I recommend at least 30 seconds soaking in a cup of hot tea before they get to a gentle crunchy consistency.  My favourites are the WA version, the darker, sweeter and a little less hard biscuit.

When I first moved to Sydney, I had no idea Arnotts made different kinds of ginger nuts for different parts of Australia.  Attempts to make a national biscuit were a disaster, according to the Arnott's website.  The packaging is different too.  When I bought my first packet of Sydney ginger nuts, I thought that the biscuits had been re-formulated.


Thankfully though, this is not the case.  Every time I go back to Perth, I stock up on at least 6 packets.  I'm running low again, it's nearly time to head back to Perth, I reckon.

Now that we're fortified and Mr SSG still isn't home - let's take a look at bits of the manor that defy his logic.  Or we could just sit here and talk about the official interest rate going up 25 basis points today or even how I managed to buy a light switch for $65.

It's choose your own adventure time.  I know which I'd choose....

The jeanery.

I don't have a green thumb but gee I can make denim multiply.


There is a severe inequality of wardrobe space in SSG Manor, with the ratio being about 3:1 in my favour.  Part of the reason is my obsession with multiples of items of clothing.  Which is understandable and indeed commendable in the  underwear department but makes less sense with items of clothing I spend only 2 days of the week wearing.

It is not my fault that Mr SSG is a man of few possessions and doesn't see the need to accumulate more anytime soon.  It's space for the taking.  Apparently this is the wrong assessment of the situation.  Living with less or making space for the baby when we have one are more sensible interpretations.  I'm trying hard to shift my mindset and am succeeding in my own way.

How many pairs of jeans does one woman need?  I don't think I really need to refresh any woman's memory with the answers or the reasons.

Functional art installation.

I happened to wear this to work one day and had my USB stick around my neck as well.  We had words about which was fashion and which was function.  On the upside of T&Co do launch the Tiffany USB collection, I may very well get part of it for Christmas - provided there's a decent amount of memory in the flash drive.

The shelves of shame.

I have no defence.  At least most of them are packed away in their dustbags minding their own business with some potential resale value.  Those shelves of shame continue a little way under where the photo ends so one hopes there is significant resale value to be found.

I see myself on eBay during my maternity leave supplementing the cash for child payments KRudd and Wayne see fit to bestow upon the working mothers of Australia.  If it ever happens - the paid maternity leave that is, I have great faith in the eBay and baby ideas.

More functional art.

Oh I love these shoes.  I've put off buying a pair for years.  Could never justify the price.   But these are the only heels I can walk in that do not make me look like a street walker, I'm talking to you Peeptoe Shoes and your purple soles and your impossible to mobilize in and not exactly cheap shoes.  I can't walk past the shoebox without stopping to open the box, try them on and marvel at how good they make my large feet look.

I haven't quite told Mr SSG, the Minister of Finance at SSG Manor about these, or their sisters the Ron Rons.  When we were in  NYC last year, I made him walk past the Louboutin store super quickly so I wouldn't walk in and buy every pair  in my size.  Mr SSG thought it was hilarious at the time, I had the shopping delirium glaze on my eyeballs.

Oh I made my own bed by stringing together Louboutin, trademark red soles and *obscene street value in Australian dollars* in the same sentence.  If only I'd neglected to mention one of those phrases.

Sporting memorabilia moonlighting as fashion.


In Mr SSG's opinion - the golf courses of Sydney are missing greens keeper's jackets because the man at DHL delivered the lot to Ralph Lauren, Chatswood Chase by mistake. 


  1. This is a great post! I like your amount of jeans. I have about 7 pairs but really only wear 2.

    My wardrobe is very messy at the moment. Currently emptied on the floor because I couldn't find my gym clothes.

    As for Wayne and Kevin - I have a seven degrees of separation with Wayne - the Commissioner of my department was in a meeting with Wayne before I was due to go to a group conference call with the Commissioner. How about that!

  2. Thanks, Carly. I am impressed with the 7 degrees of separation. Associates in high places can be inspiring and sometimes useful.



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