Mar 2, 2010

Temple Food Tuesday. Frugal food storage tips.

SSG Manor is an oasis of calm this evening - there's something about autumn weather, a little cooler, still plenty of daylight after work, it's just lovely.  It's 7.30pm, dinner is done, Mr SSG did the dishes and we're now sitting down to The Good Wife ep from the weekend.  Foxtel iQ.  Where would we be without it?


Tonight's dinner is from donna hay magazine - feb/mar 09 - chicken and lemongrass patties with noodles.  I have this great tip from the magazine, it's for fresh herbs.  They keep for at least a week in the fridge if you put them stem down in a little jar of water and covered with a plastic bag secured with a rubber band.  It's like being Nigella Lawson as she plucks fresh herbs from the artful arrangements her minions assistants place in her homely yet very photogenic kitchen.  My favourite thing about Nigella is that the filming occurs in her house.  Yes, I know it's make believe 'at home' but I am entranced.

So I finally dug out my lemon grass stalk from the fridge, in its zip lock bag.  Because I had All The Time In The World - I had a browse through The Cook's Companion.  Stephanie Alexander's tome is the best resource there is on everything food.  There are lots of useful tips on how to store various foods and various ways of cooking them too.  Plus recipes.  I haven't gone into the recipes too much but the basic tips are gospel.  It tunrs out that lemongrass is best stored frozen in alfoil - will go and rectify the zip lock bag situation.

The froggy-luna proved very useful for chopping up the lemon grass and chilli.  Note the glove for handling the chilli.  Good for preventing chilli eye and skin.


Dinner is served.  Light but substantial.  In Nigella's words - Temple Food.


  1. I use gloves for handling chilli too-I've learnt from experience lol! The recipe sounds like a great weeknight dinner :)

  2. Those patties look great. I gotta put more effort into my midweek food. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Carly - they are very easy. A good make ahead and freeze option. I like that mince cooks so quickly.

    I am going to try some more of Donna's mince recipes. Will blog the results.

  4. I made these tonight and I love that they were quick and cheapish.
    I put crushed cashews, an egg, basil, mint, lemongrass, grated zucchini and carrot.
    So tasty!
    Am eating as i type :)

  5. I also put chili in the chicken patties, and served with a stirfry.
    Thank you!

  6. Sounds delish, Carly.

    I found veal mince at Coles today. Will be making a veal larb next week for dinner.

  7. I think they are spicy meat based dishes (usually minced) that are often served with rice or noodles or lettuce leave (as a kind of bowl).

  8. Nigella is an excellent cook and watching her on her show makes me wish like raiding my kitchen pantry storage and whipping something up for myself! There's no way you can watch her shows without getting a big hungry yourself!


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